Tuesday, August 25, 2015

On Negative Reviews

Question of the Week: How do you react to negative reviews?

My Answer: I drink a glass of wine and write something scathing into whatever manuscript I'm working on at the time.

And I love Susan's answer from yesterday. Sometimes I drink a second glass of wine and do that, too.


Paul D. Marks said...

Robin, can you please pass the wine?

RJ Harlick said...

'Twas rather a hard blog to follow, but love your response too, which is pretty much mine too.

Melissa Sugar said...

Love this answer. Of course, I have the unusual gimmick wine glass, that holds an entire bottle in one glass.

Susan C Shea said...

Wine never hurts. Honestly, there is - to me - a huge difference between a professional review in a legit publication and anonymous comments that usually refer to bad language, ugly character names, or something else that makes you say "Huh?"