Thursday, October 8, 2015

And the Winner is…

by Alan

Is there a piece of conventional writing advice you take serious exception to?

As I was considering this week’s question, I ended up thinking about all sorts of writing advice, so I now present to you the Advicees (Awards for Writing Advice)!

trophy Most Well-Intentioned Advice: Write every day.

Most Rigid Advice: Don’t use adverbs. Ever. Seriously.

Most Offered Advice: Write what you know.

Most Useful Advice: Hook up with a critique group.

Most Useless Advice: Write whatever’s “hot.”

Most Treasured Advice: Read a lot.

Most Cryptic Advice: BICFOK*

Most Exaggerated Advice: Write conflict on EVERY page.

Most Amplified Advice: Raise the stakes. Raise the stakes again. And again!

Most Reader-Friendly Advice: Start your character names with different letters of the alphabet.

Most Pragmatic Advice: If you expect to become rich writing novels, give up now.

Worst Advice: If you don’t know how to end your book, have the narrator wake up and realize the whole thing was a dream.

Best Advice: Be careful taking everyone else’s advice and figure out what works for YOU.


*Butt In Chair, Fingers On Keyboard


This weekend, I’ll be attending the Bouchercon Mystery Convention in Raleigh. If you’re there, I’d love to see you! My panel is on Friday at 2:30: Acorns Nurtured Here : The Talent, Past, Present & Future, with Ruth Moose, Karen Pullen, Leslie Budewitz and moderator Chris Roerden. I’ll also be attending a panel, Jewish Noir, on Friday morning at 10. And, of course, I’ll be hanging out in the bar!


Meredith Cole said...

It's hard to choose a winner from that bunch, Alan... Looking forward to seeing you at Bouchercon!!!

RJ Harlick said...

Have a great time at Bouchercon, my fellow Minds. I'm sorry I can't join you.