Monday, October 19, 2015

Rewriting the past

"If you could go back five years and change something about your writing life, what would it be?"

by Meredith Cole

If I could go back and tell myself to do something different with my writing five years ago, I would say, "Write more!!!"

This is of course easy to say to my past self. But I was easily distracted 5 or so years ago. We had just moved back to Virginia and bought a house. I had discovered that I really loved to garden. Flowers, anyway. So on lovely evenings in the warm weather, I would find myself digging and planting outside rather than hunched over my computer.

Would I prefer to have more finished books than a bank full of phlox. Well, no. But I guess what I really want is both. I mean, I'm lecturing my former self,  after all, so why be realistic? Plant flowers and then write. Or write first and then plant flowers. But whatever you do, "Write more!!!"


Paul D. Marks said...

I think we all wish we had more time to write and could turn out more books, Meredith. If only.

Anonymous said...

I would go back to Los Angeles, to the intersection of Hollywood of Highland on the afternoon of June 8, 2010. I'd see the rental car full of tourists getting ready to run a red light and broadside me, and I'd get out of the way. Because the injuries I sustained in that accident have affected my writing life more than anything else.

Thankfully, I'm better now and back in the groove.

Love your flowers, btw, Meredith.


Meredith Cole said...

Rewriting the past would be so satisfying, wouldn't it? Glad you're back in the groove, Rosemary... Hope to see you soon!