Monday, November 2, 2015

Anyone out there? Anyone?

What’s your preferred method of online interaction with your readers? Facebook, Twitter, blogging, or something else?

by Meredith Cole

On the days when I'm blogging or participating fully on Facebook or Twitter, I often feel like I'm participating in a huge Pavlov's dog style experiment. The phone dings and I'm in front of it panting, waiting for my food pellet (comment, like, retweet...). And too often, there's nothing and you sit there wondering what on earth you're doing with your time.

How do I prefer to interact with readers? Sorry online, but I think in person is best. I enjoy the process of going on tour and meeting new people. Online communication just can't replace face-to-face conversation in my opinion.

When in comes to online communication, Twitter can be a bit short and not always very meaningful (140 characters doesn't give one a lot of room for complex conversation), and Facebook comments can be interesting (but can sometimes feel like everyone is talking past one another rather than responding to each other in a meaningful way). And then of course I always enjoy getting comments on a blog post (hint, hint), and emails...

But hearing from readers is always gratifying, no matter how they want to reach out. We write alone, edit mostly alone, and then wait breathlessly for reviews and feedback once our books are published. It's always wonderful to hear from readers (as long as they're not complaining about errors in your books!). And it's truly thrilling to hear that someone read the book you worked on for so long and enjoyed it.


Susan C Shea said...

Hi Meredith!!!

There, you're not alone in the universe. But I know what you mean. Actually, you're a faithful Twitter presence for Criminal Minds, retweeting and letting the Twitterverse know what's going on here, so thank you. In person (as when we met at Bouchercon this year) is definitely the best, but I admit I like Facebook. If I'm being honest, I'm just a teeny bit addicted to checking it out!

Meredith Cole said...

Thanks for taking my big hint and leaving a message, Susan!!! It was great to meet you (at last) at Bouchercon.

I think all social media is pretty addictive...

Alan Orloff said...

Look, without Facebook or Twitter or any of that social media stuff, us writers would have to be more creative in our procrastination methods. Now, we can just go online and waste tons of time!