Thursday, December 17, 2015

May the Force be With Me!

by Alan

Do you have seasonal re-reads or re-watches?

Not to go all Grinch here, but I’m really not big into the holidays (with the exception of National Donut Day, of course), and I can’t point to any re-read or re-watch traditions.

I’ve never read A Christmas Carol.

I’ve only seen It’s A Wonderful Life once.

I’ve never seen White Christmas. Or Miracle on 34th Street. Or most other Christmas movies.

I used to watch Rudolph on TV when I was a kid, but not in a few decades (at least).

This year, though, I might be starting a new tradition. My plan is to re-watch all of the Star Wars movies so I’ll be ready for the new one.

May the Force be With Me!


RJ Harlick said...

I've already done the re-watching. All set for the new one. May the force be with you, too.

Susan C Shea said...

But, Alan, we now need a movie list (and a date) for National Donut Day so we can all pig out on old movies before the holiday. My only must-read for National Donut Day is the wonderful classic book Homer Price from my childhood that I introduced to my grandsons when they were little, the chapter on the donut machine that won't quit,

Alan Orloff said...

RJ - I might have to omit the Jar-Jar Binks one.

Susan - I loved Homer Price, too!

RJ Harlick said...

Alan, I rather liked Jar-Jar Binks. When one of our dogs was a puppy she had a tongue almost as long as Jar-Jar's, plus she had similar ears, still does, so her nick name became Jar-Jar.