Thursday, January 14, 2016

Arrgg, New Year’s Resolutions!

by Alan
party hats1I make New Year’s Resolutions every year, and I usually go back to evaluate the past year’s before I make new ones. For some reason, though, they don’t change very much. It’s mostly the usual: continue to watch what I eat, exercise regularly, get plenty of sleep, click on every single Internet link or article with the words, “giant squid” in the headline, play more golf, talk like a pirate on days other than Talk Like a Pirate Day, and be nicer to all people under the sun.
I know, I’m boring.
Here are some writing resolutions I’ve had over the years:
I resolve not to use the names James, Jim, Jimmy, Jamal, McJames, Jamie, Jimbo, and Jiminy in the same book.
I resolve not to use the name Hortense Brickmorton in any book (no offense to any Hortense Brickmortons out there).
I resolve to use Correct capiTaliZation, good:punctuation; and proper grammar whenever it would been poSSible”
I resolve to use more. Complete. Sentences.
I resolve not to hop on Facebook, visit Twitter, and surf YouTube every fifteen minutes.
I resolve not to end every scene with a cliffhanger. Or will I?
I resolve not to write rough drafts with crayons anymore.
I resolve to do some research for my next book.
I resolve to no longer read Amazon reviews of my books. I’ll just assume they’re all five stars. (Hey, these are my resolutions, and I’ll resolve what I want to!)
Happy New Year, everyone!

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