Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thirty-One Genres

by Alan

Are there any genres you avoid reading? Why?

ice-cream-coneGenres are like flavors of ice cream. Lots of different varieties, and every flavor his its own rabid fans. It doesn’t mean that any flavor/genre is inferior to another. It just means that people like different things. And you don’t have to like just one flavor, either. I’ll eat just about any type of ice cream with the exception of peach, malted milk, and mash-ups that include bits of cheesecake (please, no hate emails from peach ice cream lovers, ’k?). Any fellow spumoni lovers out there?

When it comes to books, I like to read many genres (and subgenres), in both fiction and non-fiction: mystery, thriller, crime fiction, science fiction, horror, YA, novels in stories (Hi Art! Hi Steve!), cookbooks, narrative non-fiction, biographies, novels in cartoons, golf improvement books, and anything else that looks interesting.

Even though most of my novel reading falls into a handful of genres (crime, horror, science fiction, YA), if I think a book will be good, or if it comes recommended by someone whose taste I align with, or if I read a compelling review, or if the cover grabs me, or if it otherwise piques my interest just right, I’ll often give it a try, regardless of genre.

So which fiction genres are my peach, malted milk, and cherry cheesecake? Romance, historical fiction, and erotica. (And truthfully, with enough hot fudge sauce and sprinkles, I’ll even read those!)

Most of all I like to read GOOD BOOKS!

If that’s not a genre, it should be.


Art Taylor said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Alan! (I don't like peach ice cream either... or peaches generally....)

Catriona McPherson said...

So . . . when does "historical" begin? Not starting a argument, just interested. Would you read 11/22/63? Jim Ziskin? What about books written back then - Dickens? (I don't read romance either (I don't think)).

Alan Orloff said...

I'm not much of a peach man, either, Art.

I did read 11/22/63 and enjoyed it very much. I'd say, for me, historical is before the 1920s. Give or take. Although I did read Dennis Lehane's books set back then and enjoyed them. Maybe I DO like historicals!