Thursday, April 21, 2016

Here and Now

by Alan

What prompted you to use the setting and time period for your latest book or series?

Fact one: I’m lazy efficient.

Fact two: I’m not a research guy.

Combining facts one and two yields the following axiom:

When given the choice, I’ll take the easiest option and, more specifically, the one requiring the minimum amount of research.

Therefore, my books take place in the current day, and the settings I choose are places I’ve lived or visited.

DIAMONDS FOR THE DEAD takes place in Reston, VA (where I live).

The LAST LAFF mysteries take place in Northern VA (where I live).

FIRST TIME KILLER and RIDE-ALONG also take place in Northern VA (see a pattern here?)

woods2THE TASTE takes place in the woods of West Virginia, where I’ve vacationed. (And really, when you’ve been in one forest, you’ve been in them all. Lots of trees and nature and stuff.)

RUNNING FROM THE PAST takes place in Sandbridge, VA, and near Charlottesville, VA, both places I’ve spent some time.



In my opinion, writing a book is hard enough. No need to make it harder!


TracyK said...

Well said. I grew up in Reston but I think it's changed so much that I'd have to research it if I were to choose it as my setting. So, I guess no books in Reston for me! :)

Alan Orloff said...

Some things about Reston haven't changed. I still think you need to get approval to paint your mailbox. :)