Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Fame or Fortune??

Which would you choose, fame or fortune?

by RM

I'm stuck on this question, and can 't wiggle out of it. It's obviously an either/or, so BOTH!!-- which springs naturally to mind -- isn't an option.

Can't have both. Okay. If I'm famous but poor, that means I've either been swindled by my accountant, or incarcerated, or I'm dead. So that's no good, so I guess I'd rather have fortune.

But fortune without fame could only mean one thing: that my books have bombed, and that's depressing. So I'd rather have fame, even if it means I'm in jail or dead. But more likely I've been swindled and have had to sell my house and am living in my brother's basement suite.

In photo L to R (I hope nobody minds) Cathy Ace, Donald Hauka,
Debra Purdy Kong, JG Toews, RM Greenaway, JT Siemens,
Allan J. Emerson, Owen Laukkanen
There are steps I can take, I guess. I can go to the police and have my accountant investigated. But I won't get my money back, obviously, in keeping with the above question.
So maybe I will just be happy with my fame and poverty.
Being famous, I've got lots of friends, and I can couch surf if my brother needs a break.
When I think about it, what do my friends and I do all day? Sit around reading and writing, or talking about reading and writing -- so who needs a fortune to do that?

* * * Definitely I'm going for fame * * *

Still, it burns me up about my accountant. Next time I hire anyone to take care of my fortune I'm going to vet them properly.   


Art Taylor said...

I think you've got a good story brewing there about that accountant.... :-)

Susan C Shea said...

I'm glad you've thought this through and have your lawyers lined up! you obviously got deeper into this question than I did yesterday. ;-)

Paul D. Marks said...

You could have fame and fortune like the Kardashians, RM. So I think you're doing better where you are :)

Cathy Ace said...

Saving my response for tomorrow ;-)

Allan J. Emerson said...

Funny stuff. Made me laugh!