Monday, August 22, 2016

Summertime and the Reading Is Easy

Summer's almost done! Share a favorite book from your summer reading. And do you seek out different books depending on the season?

by Meredith Cole

I always feel like I get more reading done in the summertime than any other time of the year. I pack large stacks of books on each weekend adventure or week away. I have high hopes of getting to the bottom of the pile of books next to my bed. But in the end I often turn away from the more serious tomes I tackle in the wintertime, and turn back to old favorites or comfort reads and magazines. My brain seems to want some time off in the summertime.

In June, I went on a Dorothy Sayers/Agatha Christie kick. Reading all of the Peter Wimsey novels never takes very long, but I always find something new in them. And then I set out to read some of the Agatha Christie's that I hadn't read before, some good... some not so much. It's good to know that even great writers fail sometimes.

Here are a few of the books I read this summer by authors I'd never read before:

"An Available Man" by Hilma Wolitzer (The perils of dating over fifty. Sweet and funny)
"This is Your Life, Harriet Chance!" by Jonathan Evison (Jumping forward and back in time in an elderly woman's life. Funny and sad)
"The Past" by Tessa Hadley (Interesting, but not particularly funny. Made me happy I wasn't trapped with my extended family in a house for a week)

And what am I reading now? I was just down in North Carolina and got to visit Malaprop's in Asheville. I knew just what I wanted to buy when I went in, and I was relieved to see that they had a copy of "You Will Know Me," by Megan Abbott. So that's up next on the TBR list!

Now onto the fall reading list...


Art Taylor said...

Thanks for the list here, Meredith--and I appreciated those three- to five-sentence reviews! I've never read any of those, I should add--so more for the TBR list.

I rarely reread books unless I'm teaching them, but someday need to indulge--and a stack of Christie novels sounds terrific for that. :-)

Unknown said...

I'm on a Dave Eggers binge. Not mysteries per se but each features a desperate main character searching for some important truth. Heroes of the Frontier - a woman takes her kids to Alaska in search of a new life. The Circle - a woman joins a Google-like company and tries to figure out if it is sinister or not. Hologram for the King - a failing sales exec goes to Saudi Arabia and finds a surreal world (yes, the Tom Hanks movie). Exasperating, full of deus ex machina but I read for style and prose that flows smoothly, and Eggers is worth the effort.

Meredith Cole said...

Thanks David! Those sound interesting... I love going on a reading binge with an author (especially when they're new to me). Can't remember if I've read any Dave Eggers before.