Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Vacation of My Life

I have never taken a classic vacation, with airports and foreign lands and lying on silky beaches under blue skies drinking mojitos. I would seize the chance if somebody gave me a free ticket, but I've never been well-off enough to do it on my own steam. Or if I did break the piggy bank and just go, I wouldn't enjoy myself, as I'd be too depressed about my broken piggy bank to enjoy those mojitos. So my vacations consist of just-as-pleasant road trips, driving from my small city in the interior of BC to the big city on the coast, and visiting everyone I know down there, or camping at the nearby lakes.

This summer has been like no other, because it's my first year as a published author, and I was invited to so many events and met so many great people, which in a way has knocked me out of orbit and into what has been the vacation of my life. None of it feels quite real ... I'm in Narnia, or Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, or Never-Never Land, or Oz, and expect to land soon, poof, back in Kansas -- whoo-hoo, Toto, that was fun -- back where I belong, quietly tending my garden and minding my own business.

So yes, I have enjoyed this summer's other worldly, non-linear vacation. BUT I also missed out a lot, for the following reason: The trick with any vacation is to be in the moment, something I'm not very good at. Ever since I was small I tended to drift into outer space ... not only in grim situations, like math class, but during good times too. So I wasn't quite present to dance down that possibly-illusory-but-what-the-heck yellow brick road on this 2016 vacation-of-my-life, and so never really did celebrate my accomplishments, except from some distant place. Not good! This is something I'll be working on for next year, for the launch of Book II. I will try to be completely there this time!

Happy Autumn, everybody! Be in the moment :)


Cathy Ace said...

Super piece, Rae, and I was delighted to meet you at one of those events...here's hoping your involvement with Crime Writers of Canada allows us to spend more time "within each other's orbit" next year :-)

Unknown said...

Thanks Cathy - it will be great to see you again in 2017! Sorry I can't be at Word this year.

Paul D. Marks said...

RM, if you drink enough mojitos you won't care about the broken piggy bank ;) . But seriously, great piece and congratulations on your success!

Art Taylor said...

Sorry I missed this post yesterday, Rae--and I have to say, road trips are the best! Our own trips often radiate out from the DC area in any number of directions. And glad you're enjoying the year of your first book--I know what you mean about that experience. Enjoy!

Unknown said...

Thanks guys - I'll drink to that! :)