Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Changing direction

If you woke up one day not wanting to write another crime novel, what would you write instead?
Who thought up this dumb question? Oh, I did.

I didn't think it through so well, because as was said yesterday, most stories are built on crime of some kind or other. A better question would be: If you decided to write something completely different, what would you write? 

I am quite hooked on the character-driven police procedural I'm writing, with its denizens I've gotten to know so well, so I don't think I'll wake up any day soon wanting to abandon it/them. But if that happened by some freak chance, maybe because I'm inspired by the picturesque moodiness of Algernon Blackwood and really would like to be free of the constraints of the genre, if that did happen, I'd write an offbeat road story, verging on dystopian, set in northern BC. The entire western coastline has crumbled into the sea, the solar-powered highways are glitchy, cell signals come and go at the whim of madcap winds, and stranded communities are succumbing to pre-industrial squalor. Something along those lines, anyway. Or possibly a comic play, but that will take another lifetime of learning.



Cathy Ace said...

I found this one as tough as you did...so thanks for that :-) Good answer

Paul D. Marks said...

Now we know who to blame, RM ;)

Art Taylor said...

I'm actually really jazzed up for that off-beat dystopian road trip story. Let me know when it's done! :-)

RM Greenaway said...

Maybe I will, Art! You'll get my siged limited edition (1) :)
I'll be glad when somebody else's questions get up here! I feel quite guilty putting everyone through mine this nonth ... ack