Tuesday, November 22, 2016


What are you most thankful for in your writing career?
First, I am thankful for the mobile library that brought books to me early on in life (Madeline, Curious George et al).

I am thankful that I really like to write.

And I am thankful I haven't quit writing. Over time I have taken things on: violin, drums, scuba-diving, photography, animation, painting, cooking, woodwork, etc. etc. etc. -- and most recently singing (I'm awful!) -- but always seem to quit just as I'm getting ... conceivably ... almost good at something. So I was afraid it would happen with writing too; that as soon as I felt I had mastered the art, I would lose interest. This has not happened, and I still really like writing, probably because I will NEVER master writing, just as I will never keep a snowflake on my palm, which is its maddening beauty, that it is unmasterable.

I am thankful for flukes (the non-biological type, in this case). I recall Life Before Getting Published. It was a happy, quiet life, but on the writing front it was kind of sad, and occasionally tragic, as I wrote tons and tons, but what good is writing tons if you can't share it? So I decided enough is enough and gave up - completely. Until one day in 2013 I chanced to step into the library and caught the late Holley Rubinsky launching her book of short stories, South of Elfrida, which set off a series of fortunate events which led to a three-book deal!

(Starting with Cold Girl, on sale right now!!  https://www.dundurn.com/news/Give-Read-Love)
Also I am thankful I am alive in this place and time, which until recently has seemed relatively fabulous. Not so sure this past month, but...

... I am more than ever thankful for my growing circle of artistic and brilliant friends, who I know will band together to fight off the cold shadow that seems to be sliding over us.

* * *
BTW: Am writing this on a biz trip, staying at a gritty roadside motel -- the Flamingo, no less -- it's 3 a.m., had to get up to finish and post this (still can't get the scheduling option to work), but can't sleep anyway. Plus I have a headache. Grateful? Absolutely. Feeling thankful for what I've got: a working automobile, an interesting job, and coming up pretty quick, a couple of ASPIRIN.

Thanks for reading, and happy Thanksgiving!


Paul D. Marks said...

RM, love your list of things you've taken on over the years. Wow. But glad you stayed with writing. And Happy Thanksgiving to you too.


Susan C Shea said...

Hope the headache's gone, the writing's still a joy, and your trip brings you some happiness right now!

Anonymous said...

Charlotte M. Liebel said...
Inspired by your "BLESSINGS" post, RM. Especially uplifting is your "BTW... Grateful? Absolutely. Feeling thankful for what I've got: a working automobile, an interesting job, and coming up pretty quick, a couple of ASPIRIN." Happy Thanksgiving to you.

aka Sharliebel

Unknown said...

Thank you everybody! Hello Charlotte! Thanks for writing. Am happy to be home again, and about to hop into a hot bath. Tonight, a concert (Wintersleep - another thing I'm grateful for) and tomorrow, back to editing!

RJ Harlick said...

Sounds like you've got it all together, R.M. Enjoyed your post.

Cathy Ace said...

Super post! Hope the aspirin worked ;-)

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