Tuesday, November 1, 2016


By R.J. Harlick

If you got to write, direct, cast your own film, what would be the style/mood/atmosphere of your finished product?

Sorry, guys. It’s an intriguing question this week. It would be fun to answer. But I’m afraid my mind is mush. With a deadline looming, end of the month to be exact, I’m deep into the finalization of my manuscript for the next Meg Harris mystery, Purple Palette for Murder.

Lots of revisions. Lots of rewrites. I adjusted the plotline part way through the first draft, so am having to make adjustments to ensure the storylines are consistent, the threads flow.  And as I always do, I am way over word count, so am having to chop 13,000 words. At first glance a daunting, near impossible task, but I follow the advice offered by one of my first editors. Break the number down into more manageable chapter amounts. So deleting 200 words for each chapter becomes a breeze.

With my mind filled with Meg’s antics, I couldn’t summon up another thought. So I collapsed onto the sofa, turned the TV on and vegged. What I really did was binge. I watched 4 episodes of The Bridge. Fabulous Netflix offering. Have you seen it yet?

A Swedish/Danish cop show, the first season begins with the discovery of a body on the bridge connecting Sweden to Denmark. To make things interesting, the body is centered on the border between the two countries, so of course the two police forces have to be involved. Full of twists and turns, many different threads, complex crimes and criminals and not your usual cops, who, by the way, do have lives of their own.  I am almost finished season 2 and am looking forward to the next.

Now back to Purple Palette for Murder


Art Taylor said...

Sorry to hear you're fighting work and deadlines--and sorry not to get to hear about your film! But appreciate the recommendation here of something to watch--a show we'd been thinking about ourselves and need to try out. Thanks much!

Susan C Shea said...

I raced over to Netflix but can't find The Bridge...