Thursday, November 17, 2016

People Love Free Books (& Here’s One!)

by Alan

This is the time of year when thoughts turn to gift-giving. Could you suggest four books that would be ideal for "x" type of person?

Books DO make excellent gifts. Some suggestions:MWA Cookbook 300 px

For cooks (or cook wannabes): I’m assuming that you already have a copy of MYSTERY WRITERS OF AMERICA COOKBOOK (my recipe: Killer Tofu!), so I won’t suggest buying one yourself, but they do make great gifts.

Recently, I picked up a copy of THE COMPLETE AMERICA’S TEST KITCHEN TV SHOW COOKBOOK, which consists of more than 1150 recipes from the ATK cooking show (they weren’t lying about the COMPLETE part). I used to watch the show whenever I could, and it appealed to the tinkerer in me. The test kitchen cooks would “crack open” a classic recipe and try different things ATK cookbook(methods, ingredients, etc.) in an attempt to improve upon the original, and they’d describe what worked (and why) and what didn’t (and why). Science! Food! Recipes!

For writers: Last week, RM recommended ON WRITING by Stephen King, a book that I love. So I’ll recommend another book, WRITING THE BREAKOUT NOVEL by Donald Writing Breakout NovelMaass. A great book for those of us looking to up the stakes and increase the tension in our novels, from the first sentence to the last. There’s a companion workbook, too!

For those who’ve never read John R. Powers: This not-well-known author wrote a very underappreciated coming-of-age trilogy back in the Seventies: THE LAST CATHOLIC IN AMERICA, DO BLACK PATENT LEATHER SHOES REALLY REFLECT UP?, and THE UNORIGINAL SINNER AND THE ICE-CREAM GOD. If you Unoriginal Sinnerhaven’t read these books, I’d suggest giving them a try. No flashy car chases. No space aliens. No drive-by shootings or double-crosses or evil twins. From time to time I’ll recommend these books to my friends and I often get blank looks. (Heck, I can see some of you now with blank looks!)

And finally, For Kindle Readers Who Like FREE BOOKS: I’m going to put my book where my mouth is. Instead of just suggesting a book as a gift, I’m going to give you a book as a gift! I’m making the Kindle version of my suspense novel RIDE-ALONG FREE! Absolutely free, no strings attached. Go HERE and download your free Kindle version (only good today throughRide Along hi res 600x961 Monday, November 21). Don’t say I never gave you anything! Tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell your friends’ families! Did I mention it’s FREE? (And if you’d like to give me a gift in return and can spare a few minutes, I’d appreciate an honest Amazon review after you’ve read the book. Thanks!)


Holly West said...

I don't have a copy of MWA's cookbook but thanks to this post, two copies are on their way to my house: one for me and one for my Secret Santa gift.

Unknown said...

Really really want to see your Killer Tofu recipe, but have no room for yet another cookbook, as deadly great as it sounds. So no Tofu, but thank you for Ride-Along. I gave it a start and am hooked!

Alan Orloff said...

Holly - It's a fun book! Be sure to read Lee Child's recipe!

RM - Did someone say Killer Tofu. Here's a link (The Washington Post Food Section picked it up and ran it in the paper, then put it on their recipe finder site!)

Susan C Shea said...

Should have mentioned, I spoke to a book club of professional African American women a couple weeks ago. Several used to belong to a reading group named after Chster Himes. I'd heard of him, but have never read his work, partly because noir isn't my favorite form of crime fiction. But I may have to move out of my comfort zone.

Unknown said...