Sunday, February 26, 2017

Business life

Business:: If you could make magically do one thing to make the business end of writing easier for yourself, what would it be?

Terry here, posting a little early because I haven't figured out how to schedule posts (see below) and I have to leave for the airport at 6AM.

I yearn for an assistant to help me with the business side of writing. My ideal assistant would be someone who:

1)   Can handle book-related social media. By that I mean someone who knows what to post about my books, how often, what the best demographic target would be, what would be cost effective, how to word promotion, when to do a giveway or some other promotional idea.
2)   Could put together a book bible for me. A book bible is a list of what characters appear in which books, their physical descriptions, their backgrounds and quirky habits. The bible would include places I’ve mentioned in each book, again with descriptions. That means the assistant would have to read each book, paying close attention.
3)   Could track what promotions work best in terms of sales.
4)   Would put together book tours and panels—and come up with savvy ideas for getting an audience there.
5)   Would run piddly errands for me, like picking up my cleaning or buying vitamins, or paying bills or having my hair done. Oh, wait, that’s something I would have to be there for in person. Not to mention that it’s something I actually enjoy. It may not seem like these are business-related, but they are insofar as they allow me more time to write.
6)   The perfect assistant would keep my computer and phone updated to the latest bells and whistles and teach me how to use them. (And how to do things like schedule these posts).
7)   And finally, how I would love for someone to tidy up my emails—weeding out the ones that say things like, “Yes.” And filing the ones I need to keep in the proper folders.

Several things keep me from hiring this mythical creature:

First, I would have to find someone, and I don’t have a clue how to do that. Then I would have to explain all these tasks. I would have to pay them! I would have to be willing to put tasks off until the assistant comes each week, because I surely couldn’t afford to have someone work for me all day every day.

One of the stickiest problems would be: Where would the assistant work? I can’t give up my computer for them to work on, and even if they had their own computer, some of these tasks could only be done on mine.

So until I figure out all this, the assistant is me! And quite frankly, I don’t think I do these tasks all that well. I’m open to suggestions from anyone who might have solved this problem. Takers anyone?


Unknown said...

Yes! You've summarized it so well, and also made me feel better. I have been playing with the idea of doing promo on an exchange basis with another writer. Not realistic, I know, but a great concept. And I too would like to learn how to schedule posts - have followed all the instructions but it never kicks in.

Dietrich Kalteis said...

That's something the assistant could do, schedule the blog posts.