Thursday, March 30, 2017

Where Don’t I?

by Alan

What sources do you draw on for ideas for your stories? (Also known as the “Where do you get your ideas? question)

A rerun of a previous post that sums it up:

Ode to Ideas

I get them when I run,
I get them having fun.

I get them when I walk,
I get them when I talk.

I get them when I showers,
I get them planting flowers.

I get ideas every which way,
All the time, every day.

I get them when I dream,
I get them when I scream.

I get them when I shave,
I get them when I wave.

I get them in the car,
Driving near, driving far.

I get ideas right and left,
Some are light, some have heft.

I get them at the store,
I get them answering the door.

I get them when I cook,
I get them reading a book.

I get them eating pie,
I get them when I cry.

I get them when I dress,
All the time, more or less.

The biggest challenge is finding the time,
To write about all these ideas of mine.


And now, for some BSP:

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Avalon808 said...

Just today, on the bus to my doctor's and then waiting for my lab results took an hour, my ideas were flowing here and there and had to write it all down. Now at the blog here, I'm sorting out what I thought about today. For us writers, we hardly ever go through a time without an idea popping in.