Thursday, May 11, 2017

No Apples. No Bath. No White Coat.

by Alan

Agatha Christie fueled the muse by munching apples in the bathtub, Jack Kerouac typed On the Road on an endless scroll. James Joyce laid on his stomach in bed, wearing a white coat, holding a blue pencil. Are there tricks you use to get yourself into that space where everything just flows onto the page?

Oh, yes. I dive into my bag of tricks daily, trying to get into that elusive “zone.” Here’s my fancy routine:

I go to my bedroom office.

I sit and turn on my computer.

When it boots up, I open my Word document.

I check my word count, then I start writing.

When I hit my daily word quota, I stop writing.

I save the document. (And I back it up!)

Then I move on to other things on my To-Do list.

Wacky, huh?

rainbow unicornIf I waited for my muse to appear, I’d never finish a single manuscript. And that zone people talk about? That legendary place where rainbow unicorns frolic and the words flow like a never-ending river of luscious molten chocolate?

If I ever get there, I’ll let you know.


Paul D. Marks said...

That's kind of my method, Alan. Just sit down and write. Though I do like playing on FB for a while first...

Maria Hudgins said...

Same thing but first I check my email, check Facebook and Instagram, check my bank balance and sales on Amazon. I don't let my eyes wander to the right side of Facebook where they put all the click-bait. I remind myself that I've seen it all before, close out Google and open my Word Document. I admire your direct approach, Alan.

J.D. Allen said...

Yes! The old butt-in-chair method. Love it. Live it.

Susan C Shea said...

Now you're scaring me. you mean it's that straightforward? Meaning my circling the computer three times while throwing salt over my shoulder isn't the normal thing to do?

Alan Orloff said...

Paul - Who doesn't like to fool around on FB?

Maria - Sometimes direct is best. Of course, there's always FB and Instagram and ...

JD - BICFOK! Butt In Chair, Fingers On Keyboard. LILI! (Love It, Live It!)

Susan - Everyone's normal is a little different. We won't tell anyone about your *normal*