Thursday, July 20, 2017

Noir at the Salad Bar

by Alan

You probably have favorite sub-genres in crime fiction, but do you venture beyond them in your personal reading, like, for example, from urban noir to village cozy?

I like reading all types of crime fiction; sub-genre doesn’t matter so much as long as the story is good.

I also like to read cookbooks (I probably have about 400 on my shelves. Which is weird, because I rarely cook from a recipe.).

If only there was a way I could read a crime fiction/cooking mash-up.

If only…

If only…


NOIR AT THE SALAD BAR was released this week from Level Best Books! And I’m *stoqued* that I’ve got a story in it, “Togas and Toques.”

Come on, you’ve got to read this anthology for the title alone!

Here’s the Amazon description:

Noir at the Salad Bar, Culinary Tales with a Bite is a crime fiction anthology featuring gastronomic mysteries. Inside are dark and varied tales with a common theme of food and drink. The contributing writers represent a mix of bestselling authors, brand new voices, and seasoned professionals from the crime writing community. Bon Appétit!

The contributing authors and stories are:
  • “The Lobster Tank” by E.A. Aymar
  • “Smoked” by Michael Bracken
  • “Harvey House Homicide” by Joyce Ann Brown
  • “A Murder of Crows” by Mara Buck
  • “The Hearts of Men” by Karen Cantwell
  • “With Great Relish” by John R. Clark
  • “Buena Vista Sandwich Club” by Frank Collia
  • “Cole Slaughter” by Sheila Connolly
  • “Black Coffee in Bed” by Sharon Daynard
  • “Petunia at the Tip Top” by Jenny Drummey
  • “Consuming Passion” by Martin Edwards
  • “Sleeping Beauty” by Gerald Elias
  • “The Sandman” by John M Floyd
  • “Bases Looted” by Jason Half
  • “Candy” by Isobel Horsburgh
  • “Beef Stew” by E L Johnson
  • “The Curse of the Apertured Apiculturist” by Larry Lefkowitz
  • “A Murder in Montreux” by Michael Allan Mallory
  • “Deadly Dinner” by LD Masterson
  • “Antipastdead” by Lorraine Sharma Nelson
  • “Togas and Toques” by Alan Orloff
  • “Grab-N-Go” by A.B Polomski
  • “Ragbones and the Case of the Christmas Goose” by Rima Perlstein Riedel
  • “Death at the Hands of Le Fée Verte” by Verena Rose
  • “Jane Darrowfield, Professional Busybody” by Barbara Ross
  • “Family Business” by Harriette Sackler
  • “Humble Pie” by Shawn Reilly Simmons
  • “Fed Up” by Louise Taylor
  • “Playing Games” by Elaine Togneri
  • “My Life in Killer Recipes” by Leslie Wheeler


Art Taylor said...

Great title and a great list of contributors! Looking forward to this one!

Liz Milliron said...

What a terrific line up!

Susan C Shea said...

Now, that's a mash-up!

Alan Orloff said...

Thanks, Art!

Thanks, Mary!

Yes, indeed, Susan!

Paul D. Marks said...

Congratulations, Alan. Now please pass the salad, no pass the noir, no...