Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Short is good

By R.J. Harlick

If you could choose between being incredibly popular, prolific and commercial like James Patterson or being a revered, admired writer who will go down in history as a classic which would you choose and why?

I am in a quandary on how to answer this question. It’s not something I’ve really thought about. Sure, I would love to make pots of money as a writer or write a book that would stand the test of time. But you know what, when I started out on this journey, my only goal was to write a book good enough to be published. Eight books later, my goals are still modest: write well-written books that people enjoy reading. If I happen to make a bit of money, great. And if a hundred years from now, people are still reading my books, great too, but it’s totally immaterial to me, because I will never know.  

Sorry for making this one so short, but usually I tend to go on a little too long. So sometimes short is good.

I’d like to wish all my American readers a Happy Thanksgiving and hope you get to celebrate it with family and friends.

Take care.

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Dietrich Kalteis said...

Well said, Robin. I agree, write what you love to write and don't worry about the rest.