Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Life is to enjoy

 By R.J. Harlick

Wish list for the next ten years of your life. 

Being somewhat superstitious, I debated whether I wanted to write on this topic. I ain’t exactly a spring chicken, so the years ahead don’t go on forever and ever. I’ve been very fortunate in having had a good life. Sure, there have been hiccups, but hey, everyone has hiccups. You brush them aside and carry on enjoying life. I’ve achieved most of my goals, writing being one of them. I’ve had good health. And most importantly I am married to a wonderful man, have been for forty-three years. We do everything together, except perhaps watch TV. His tastes are somewhat counter to mine.  But we now have two TV’s. I gave him his very own for his recent BIG birthday, so we get to watch our own shows without feeling guilty about intruding on the other’s TV watching.

My wish list is a lot of continuing on with what I’ve already been enjoying. At this point in my life, I’m no longer into new adventures or starting down new paths .

At the top of my list is the continued good health of both me and my husband, though I am dealing with disintegrating knees. It’s the rage you know. Anyone who is anyone has joint problems. But hey, it can be dealt with. While a knee replacement or two is doubtless in my future, I’ve been able to maintain good mobility with exercise, like cycling, either on a real bicycle or a stationary bike and by practicing yoga. Mind you, the latest cortisone shot has worked wonders too.

Continuing to travel. Both my husband and I love travelling. We have had many pleasurable trips in the past to various spots around the globe and plan to have many more. Though I will admit that I am now in a bit of a rut. In fact, we both are.  We know what we like. No more off-the-beaten-track, roughing-it adventures. We like our creature comforts. So once we find comfortable rental accommodation in a locale that suits us, we tend to go back, for a week or two or more.

A key requirement is sun, lots of it, with little threat of rain. Water is another must be it a lake or ocean, and if no water then mountains, high mountains. If we can get both, like on the BC coast then it’s an added bonus. But let’s face it, guaranteed sun ain’t going to happen in BC, so we live with it. We love our food, so another requirement is a tasty local cuisine with the ingredients readily available to make good cuisine. Unlike Meg, I love cooking.  We always like to explore the places we spend time at, so we want interesting places to visit within easy driving distance.  

The South of France is one spot we keep returning to. We have visited most countries in Europe and have honed in on the South of France, Provence and the Riviera, as being the part of Europe we enjoy the most. Florida is another spot, just down the coast from Palm Beach. It’s a great place to flee winter for a month or more, in part because we can bring our two poodles with us. I am enjoying its soothing heat even as I write these words. And have already booked for next year.

I love nature and being outdoors. Could you guess? J So I want to be able to continue for as long as the gods will it to be able to enjoy our cabin in the Quebec woods and my long rambles in the surrounding forests and paddles on the nearby lakes. I even bought a lightweight kayak last summer, one I could handle myself, so I could go for a quiet paddle on the lake whenever the mood strikes me.

And I mustn’t forget family. I have a small family, but a close one. Though we are scattered, we try to get together whenever possible, often for major events, like Christmas. This summer we have a wedding. So we ‘McLeod’ girls are gonna rock. Everyone is in good health and handling life well. I want them to continue to do so.

Forty-three years of marriage with the forty-fourth coming in the fall. We are not only husband and wife but best buds. We do most things together, apart from the TV watching, that is. I’ve set my goal at sixty years, hey even seventy-five, why not?

Life is to enjoy and not to grin and bear it. And that’s what I want to keep on doing…


Catherine Astolfo said...

What an inspiring account! For life as well as for this writing obsession. Thank you for sharing your vision.

Dietrich Kalteis said...

That is uplifting, Robin – life is to enjoy. Thanks for that.

Cathy Ace said...

Perfect! I'll join you for a glass or two in the Cours Saleya! :-)

RJ Harlick said...

You're on, Cathy. Love the Cours Saleyal. It is just behind the apartment we rent on the Quai des Etats Unis.

Paul D. Marks said...

Keep enjoying, Robin! And I hope you make 60 or better yet 75.