Friday, March 30, 2018

Wishing At Random

Wish list for the next ten years of your life.

My random thoughts on wishes are they're what we make when something we want is out of our control. I'd like to think everything I'd want in life, love, and career would be in my control, but I learned long ago that just isn't true. I'm loathe to write about my wishes as it feels somewhat conspicuous. I get the sense I'm cataloging my life's experiences and taking inventory of all I haven't gotten. I'm overthinking it, of course, but it feels ungrateful. Wishes are private, but they also involve a universe of possibility. We drag folks into our wishes all the time. I've cast an entire world of people, places, and things into my wishes without their consent. Wishes are the secrets we hide in a glass box. I'm pretty sure my wishes are written all over my face. Random, random, random…

When I was a kid, ten years seemed like forever. Now, it doesn't seem like enough time for much of anything. I'm living my best life ever within the last seven, and I ponder more time on the back end to see just how much better it will be. How much better I can make it with the right choices. That's probably all I've been doing this whole time, learning how to choose according to what's right for me.

I'd like for the next ten years to see my friendships strengthen because my give is on par or better with my get. I've been fortunate to find diverse and eclectic friendships since 2008. It was a time when I learned how to receive, and that receiving is a gift within itself. I wish for an even warmer and fuzzier feedback loop with all the wonderful people I'm honored to call friend. 

I'd like for my walk to remain stronger than my talk. This is a challenge because, in time, if it's the right walk, it gives one something to talk about. Talking can become the thing, and lucratively so. Or the talk will come bundled with the walk, which is cool, but if folks buy the walk to get the talk, I'll be exhausted with personal appearances. Talking is hard work if you're really talking about something. Sometimes its easier to keep walking rather than stop to talk. I know peers and compatriots who choose this, and they're good with the amounts of their royalty payments because at least they didn't have to do all that talking. I guess I'm sayin' I wish for my vocal chords to be healthy and high-functioning this next ten years. My talk comes along with my walk, and I can't see that changing this decade.

This may be totally unrealistic, but I want rewards to be well worth their challenges, and the challenges to be commensurate with the outcome. Everyone is ice skating uphill. Money is harder to make and save and grow. Having more of it takes us away from the people we make it for in the first place. No matter how much we get, someone in a similar position just got more, and it always leaves us scratching our heads about our place in the whole mishegas. I wish for a great spirit of fairness to take hold of all of us and guide our individual decisions so that we can address the unfairness built into our systems and strata by being better to one another with even the most rudimentary things. I'd like for us to treat ourselves and each other better than some constitution could ever mandate. I'd like for us to outdo the frickin' US Constitution.

I wish for folks to be more afraid of mishandling their power than losing it.

I wish for everyone to be happy with themselves far more than not.

I wish to be writing.


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Dietrich Kalteis said...

Well said, Danny.

Danny Gardner said...

Thanks, Dietrich.

Susan C Shea said...

Professionally, I'm skating uphill with you, even with a big-5 publisher to whom, I fear, I'm so much spaghetti to toss up against the wall to se if it sticks and, if not, meh. We keep on trying. Good post.

Unknown said...

Late jumping in here, but just saying I like this list of yours, and am hoping much of it is realized.

Danny Gardner said...

I appreciate that, RM. I truly do.

Danny Gardner said...

Your spaghetti sticks, Susan Shea. Mad al dente. Perfect doneness. <3