Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Wishlist by RM Greenaway

Apologies for the late posting.

My excuses are:
The new phone
  • new iPhone (yesterday)
  • minor issues with new iPhone
  • playing with new iPhone features (great slo-mo)
  • celebrating new iPhone last night with some martinis and a game of darts
  • forgetting
The question this week is:

Make a bullet list of your ideal writing-related expenses. Must jibe with the themes of your books. And must be funny.

I'll have to leave funny to everybody else, and be blunt:

If I had some rich patron cover my writing expenses I'd:
  • Hire a publicist (my publisher does a good job of it but I know I'm not pulling my weight)
  • Hire a social media expert (ditto to above)
  • Hire a fact-finder (ditto to above)
  • Hire a counsellor to help explain why I'm writing
I'd also like funds for the following:
  • Bribe money to get a tour of the RCMP detachment in the city of my setting - so far no luck with polite inquiries
  • Scuba lessons
  • A big dog as protection during my solitary walks in weird places, and also for someone to talk to
  • An all-expenses paid year in the city of my setting
  • An electric bicycle to explore above mentioned city, as the traffic there is horrible
That's all I can think of right now. Otherwise all I need is a keyboard and time, lots and lots of time!


catriona said...

Sorry but I did laugh! And I agree with it all. Happy new i-phone, Rachel

Terry said...

In addition to your fine list, I want someone to come in and do my hair every day, even if it's only brushing it. I would have made a great queen.

LIsa Ciarfella said...

To your ideal writing-related expenses, here's mine:

A big dogs on the top of my list! Not only to guard but to run around with! My little Shitzu pup is the sweetest thing ever, but she's grandmother age now and mostly just sleeps!

Or, a fully paid year to do nothing but bed down with local law enforcement, prowling the midnight streets of Vegas or New Orleans on dangerous beats...picking up first hand the sights, smells, and sounds of deliciously decadent crime fiction, then turning it into a smashing best-seller!

All sounds good to me!

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