Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Time Out by RM Greenaway

Q: Do you think a regular writing hiatus would be good for you? (no writing/ reading/ reviewing/marketing etc.) How long would you like to take and what would you do during it?

Since this is my question, the answer is probably obvious: Yes.

Seems like sacrilege, betrayal, and admitting I'm not a real writer, but yeah, one month out of twelve away from the blessed written word with all its frigging ups and downs would be good for me. I love it all, but sometimes the stress turns into a belly ache.

And in writing that last sentence, I've just realized: it's the fear of not being good enough that I need a break from, more than the written word itself. I just have to get past that dumbass insecurity, like everybody else in this boat, and I'll be okay.

Anyway, taking a break is not an option for the foreseeable future, if I plan to succeed. And I do plan to succeed. Because it's so great to be here, regardless of ulcers. I guess the correct answer is, "Hiatus from writing? What does that even mean? Writing IS a hiatus."

By the way, this is my 58th 7 Criminal Minds post, and I will soon have a total of three short stories published, and I'm writing my fifth book (the best part about writing is writing), so I'm doing something write. Tada!


PS: Forgot second part of question. What would I do in my one month off? Badminton.


Susan C Shea said...

You are certainly doing a lot of somethings right, RM! But I know that feeling of not being 'good enough," even if I have a hunch it's a shape-shifting definition that gets into our brain like a worm.

Dietrich Kalteis said...

It's impossible to take a break once I start writing a book. Of course there's the in-between time, that time between books, except while I'm writing I usually get ideas for the next one, which I'm eager to start long before I get to that in-between time.

RJ Harlick said...

What do you mean you aren't 'a real writer'. With 3 books published and more on the way, of course you are? You are being too Canadian, my dear....:)

Unknown said...

Yes, Susan, the doubt can worm around sometimes, but it really is a waste of time. It was good to realize what the problem was, so I can work at kicking it.
Looking forward to your audiobook!!

Unknown said...

Yes Dietrich, you seem so unflappable and balanced. I'm in awe of your steady keel, and am learning from you to be the same.

Unknown said...

I know I'm a real writer Robin... just was a bit nervous about saying I'd like to take a month off and play badminton instead ... would a real writer say that? :P