Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Can anybody hear me? by Cathy Ace

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs, Newsletters…what social media do you use and how do you use it? What don’t you use, and why not? Any advice for those in a quandary?

Working on print draft...this is ALMOST ready to be spoken about on social media....


I have a Facebook page CLICK HERE where I interact with Friends, which means I scroll regularly (though Facebook’s algorithmic vagaries mean I never see every Friend’s posts) and post, comment and share multiple times per day, often involving non-writerly things (eg: cute puppies!). I also have my Cathy Ace –Author Facebook page, CLICK HERE, which isn’t truly interactive though I always respond to comments made there by those who have liked it; it's where I post less frequently, and only writerly stuff. 

Why two pages? I know many readers like to follow an author’s posts about their work, without having to be-friend them and see all the non-writerly posts popping up in their newsfeed all the time, hence the author page, whereas others like to “get to know me” beyond my writing. I plan to continue to use and keep both pages.


I’m on Twitter CLICK HERE but have to admit I could be better at using it. I do scroll pretty much every day, and have notifications set up so I know if anyone has "tagged" me, something to which I try to always respond, and will Retweet etc, about my work, the work of others and the writing world (and some pretty random topics!). I should become more connected to my Twitter account…and will do very soon.


I have a dormant account, and plan to up my game in this field soon – why? My new book might well extend my appeal into the younger profile of users for this method of communication.


I blog here every two weeks, and at Killer Characters once a month (on the 22ndCLICK HERE). I guest blog occasionally, when invited to do so by friends, but don’t have my “own” blog. I don’t plan to start one, as I know I wouldn’t be able to sustain it alone – way too much writing time would be used up by it. I suppose I almost use Facebook as a substitute for a personal blog, because I tend to post there if I have news etc. 


I have built a mailing list (SIGN UP HERE - SCROLL TO BOTTOM OF PAGE THAT POPS UP) and do send occasional newsletters – either on a bi-monthly basis, or when there’s big news or a special offer on my books (eg: sign up now and you’ll get BIG NEWS about a special price offer coming up this weekend!) I try to make my newsletter photo-heavy, and personal, rather than salesy and totally book orientated.


I have a (relatively) new website, CLICK HERE which  has a wealth of information on it, and also allows book club members to access information sheets and discussion points about all my books. (Click through to my books on my website, and each book has a button for book clubs.) I work hard to keep my website up to date (with events etc.).

I have no idea if any of this bears any direct relationship to book sales, but I have been told by those with whom I interact across these channels that they value the time and insights I share with them this way, which is great. 

Ultimately, I’m a storyteller, a communicator…so, yes, communicating in multiple ways with readers, fellow authors, and those who are interested in similar things to me, personally, is great fun.

Now…back to editing this manuscript. I promise BIG NEWS about it soon!

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Susan C Shea said...

I hear you, Cathy! I am circling Instagram warily myself...

Lyda McPherson said...

Hi Cathy. You seem to have a handle on the various social media resources. I can see how each one meets a different need. I guess it's all about being accessible and visible to the reader and how the reader uses social media. Looks like you've got all your bases covered. Thanks for sharing.

Cathy Ace said...

Hi Susan - I'll see you in that circle!

Cathy Ace said...

Hi Lyda - thanks for the vote of confidence...and, I agree, visibility and accessibility. Will keep working the bases :-)

Grace Topping said...

It sounds like a full-time job just keeping up with social media.

Cathy Ace said...

Hello Grace - sometimes it feels like it! In fact I think of "business communications" as my job, and writing as still my passion and "treat"!