Friday, November 12, 2010

"Shane! Shane! Come back, Shane!"

By Shane Gericke

Sorry, kid, no can do. Time for this cowboy to vamoose.

Hey, it's for your own good. If I don't ride into that sunset right now, I'm gonna drag your Mom into the barn and do her. You're too young to know what that means, but trust me, when you're 40, you're not gonna wanna be telling your shrink that Mom was shrieking "Shane! Shane! Come, Shane!" at the top of her lungs for hours and hours and when she floated out of the barn all flustered and smiley, she wouldn't tell you why, just smiled sweetly and murmured, "Go play in traffic, kid."

So, it's time for me to ride into the sunset.

Criminal Minds has been a joy to write, and you've been a most tolerant audience, for which I thank you profusely. I've written the "Fridays With Shane" essays since the beginning, when Kelli Stanley, Praised Be Her Name, asked me to join a new writers-writing-about-writing blog she was starting.  I'm glad I agreed. I couldn't have asked for a better fearless leader, or for smarter pack-mates than The Seven and Friends.

So, if everything is ducky, you might ask, why am I leaving the blog? A good question, with a simple answer: I'm going to spend more time on my novels. Words are like heartbeats--a writer gets only so many before heading to The Great Typewriter in the sky. So it's time to dump the words I've been writing for CM into my novels. Don't worry, though; I'll leave "the," "you" and "gaaaaaah" for whoever fills my spot.

I'll still be reading CM and commenting when someone writes something cool--with this group, that's a guarantee, that someone will write something cool--so you'll see me here time to time. And, I'll be doodling over at my personal blog, "Shaneville," which you can find on my website, 

Nice thing for me is that "Shaneville: Shane Gericke Comments On, Well, Everything" isn't on a fixed schedule; whenever I have something useful to say, I'll say it. Might be twice a day, might be once a week, might be only when the sky is full and the moon is mellow. (Or whenever Sarah Palin says something particularly stupid, which means I'll be writing twice a day.) I'll also be scribbling on Facebook.

The question I've gotten most often in this year of writing dangerously--right after "Good God, I can't believe you wrote that! Were you dropped on your head as a child?"--is: "Were you named after the cowboy movie?"

Answer: Yes. I was named after the cowboy movie starring Alan Ladd as the reformed gunslinger Shane, with Brandon deWilde as the annoying little kid who wears a nightgown to bed and yells "Shane! Shane! Come back, Shane!" at the conclusion of the film, a phrase I heard waaaay too often in high school, particularly from coaches and English teachers, so I couldn't give them the finger as I could my friends and peers. "Shane" came out in '53, I came out in '56. (Yeah, so what if Dad was a little slow on the draw? He plunged in to Git 'Er Done, didn't he? Good going, Pops.)

A little hazy on movie details because it's been so many years? I hear your pain, and I'm here to help. Because so much of "Fridays With Shane" is video-based, I thought I'd end this essay with that tradition:

Thanks for hanging out with me on Fridays. It was a privilege doing you.

Shane Gericke is a national bestselling crime novelist whose latest release, TORN APART, was named one of the top novels of 2010 by Suspense Magazine, which also called Shane "one of the 21st Century's favorite writers." Yes, Shane's head is all swelled up from the fulsome praise, but he is nonetheless striving to work it  into his marketing, because except for verbs, gerunds and leaning against brick walls for their author photos, sales are an author's best friend. Come hang with Shane at and maybe he'll let you wear the Famus Riter Guy Leather Jacket. Or, if you're female, wear the bright pink satin jacket with "Shane's Posse of Beeches" tastefully embroidered over the right breast. Cause ya never know what'll happen when you ask Shane to come back, Shane . . .  . .


TracyK said...

I am still not happy with this decision. WE HAVE JACKETS!!! That should MEAN something. Oh, well. You are answering the great call of the typewriter and that can't be ignored.

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

Well, dang.

Kelli Stanley said...

Damn it, Shane, Van Heflin just can't compare, you know? ;)

We're going to miss you and your cool jacket with the western fringe, and we're especially going to miss the way you killed Jack Palance every week.

But gunslingers can't be tied down, and we know this ...

So pour the hot lead into your writing, sweetheart, and check in when you can. You're always and forever branded as one of us (and who knows? tattoos after a Thrillerfest party may be in the future ...)


Rebecca Cantrell said...

You know you can come back and guest anytime, right? So it's not like good-bye. We'll email and Facebook from time to time and...*starts bawling*

"Shane! Come back, Shane!"

Remember, we DO have the jackets...

Good luck on the trail, cowboy!

Meredith Cole said...

We'll miss you, Shane! So come back and visit when your editor unlocks your leg from your desk chair, okay?

Michael Wiley said...

We'll miss you, Shane -- and look forward to seeing you back here often.

Gabi said...

I miss you already.

Weirdly, I was also named for a film. Starring the beautiful and not red-headed Leslie Caron. Obviously, my mom was trying to give me a boost over my short-comings. Your mom knew a bad ass gunslinger when she saw one.