Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ghostly Hanukkah Gifts

I asked my spirited protagonist Ish Reynolds, also known as Granny Apples, to field the Hanukkah question for this week’s post. -- Sue Ann
When Sue Ann asked me if I knew what Hanukkah was, I gave her my best scowl, the one I used to save for my son back when he was a young’un trying to get out of chores. I may be from the country and didn’t get much schoolin’, and I might be a hundred-year-old ghost, but I ain’t ignorant. 

Former Levi-Marks store today in Julian, CA

In Julian, California, where I was living and where I died at the end of a varmint’s noose in the late 1800’s, there were several Jewish families in town. I remember Adolph Levi and his partner Joseph Marks well. They built the first brick building in town, using brick made by Ike Levi. That building still stands today as the Julian Drug Store.

Sue Ann next asked what gifts I would like for each of the eight days of Hanukkah.  Frankly, I think all that writing has made Sue Ann a bit tetched in the head, since neither of us are Jewish.  I pointed this out to her, but she insisted, saying folks here at Criminal Minds wanted to know, even if it was just make believe.

So, here I am, thinking about what I have a hankering for:

Day 1 – A new head stone made of that fancy marble for my man Jacob.

Day 2 – A new head stone for myself that matches Jacob’s. I won’t mind if his is bigger. He was bigger'n me in life, why not in death.

Day 3 – A pair of those fancy bloomer’s my great-great-great-granddaughter Emma Whitecastle wears when she’s sparkin’ Phil Bowers.  I think they come from a place call Victoria’s sumthin or other.  Decent women didn’t wear bloomers like that in my day, but I guess things have changed cause Emma’s a nice girl.

Day 4 – A gun for Emma.  She don’t take to guns, but considering all the trouble she gets into, I think it’s high time she learns to use one.

Day 5 – A new rolling pin. I was known for my apple pies in my day, but even though a ghost can’t bake, I feel kind of naked in the hereafter without one.

Day 6 – A set of fancy new clothes. I’ve been wearing the same clothes over a hundred years. Like the rolling pin, I can’t use them, but it would be nice to visit them once in a while in Emma’s closet.

Day 7 – A new collar for Archie, Emma’s Scottish Terrier. I seen one in a store a while back. It was black leather with big spikes all around it.  Archie’s a timid little fella. I thought it might improve his image with the bigger dogs at the dog park.

Day 8 – Season pass to the San Diego Chargers games for Dr. Miller, Emma’s father. He loves the Chargers and he and I watch the games on the TV together, though he doesn’t know I’m there.

Ghost in the Polka Dot Bikini, the 2nd book in the Ghost of Granny Apples mystery series by Sue Ann Jaffarian, will be released February 2011.


Kelli Stanley said...

How wonderful to get a visit from Granny Apples, Sue Ann!! :)

Please thank her for all of us!! :)

I loved her list, and hope she gets a nice maple rolling pin SOON. It may be the hereafter, but I'm sure there are still spirits that could use an apple pie ... or a nice little tap on the head! ;)


Unknown said...

The bloomers are perfect, I can see Granny falling for a pretty pair of panties!
All the wonderful, true-to-life locations in your book inspired me to give my parents a weekend holiday in Julian for a Christmas present at the historic Julian Hotel... and an apple pie, of course!

Anonymous said...

FUN! FUN! FUN! Tell Grannie I'm looking forward to her next adventure. Perhaps she would like to have a bikini???
oxox Susan

Shane Gericke said...

And here's hoping for lots of sparkin' for all your novelistic friends for the holidays, Sue Ann!