Monday, February 28, 2011


Oh dear! I’ve been dreading this week’s question as much as I’ve dreaded those high school reunions. Let’s face it. I’m a coward. I haven’t attended a single reunion, and I probably never will.

My graduating class had over 800 students. I’ve seen all of three in the (cough! cough!) years since graduating. Those three I reconnected with only in the last dozen years and not by any effort on the part of any of us. We just happened to run into each other by chance.

I was pretty much a self-imposed outcast throughout high school. I didn’t hang with the cool kids; I didn’t really hang with any kids at all. When you grow up in an extremely dysfunctional family, you tend to shy away from making friends for fear of having to reciprocate invitations. Every time I’d cave and bring a friend home, the results were pretty much disastrous. I’m talking on a nuclear meltdown level here, decimating any budding friendship.

So if I didn’t have any real friends way back when, why would I be compelled to spend several hundred dollars to spend an evening with virtual strangers? I’d be the wallflower hanging in the background as groups of old acquaintances formed to catch up with each other’s lives. I doubt anyone would even remember my name.

Of course, I suppose I could attend the reunion, wearing a huge button that said, “Ask me what I do for a living.” When curiosity got the better of people, I could smile sweetly and say, “I kill people.” How’s that for an ice breaker?

On second thought, I’ll save my money. After all, this is New Jersey. Someone might want to hire me.

Lois Winston writes the Anastasia Pollack Crafting Mysteries series. ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY GLUE GUN, the first book in the series debuted in January to starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Booklist. Visit Lois at her website
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Meredith Cole said...

I love your ice breaker! Hopefully you'll find lots of your fellow classmates have now become quite interesting (and in a perfect world, lots and lots of them are mystery fans, too!).

Lois Winston said...

That would be nice, Meredith!

Rebecca Cantrell said...

Maybe you should wear some kind of killer costume and talk loudly about how hard it is to remove bloodstains from your good shoes. Then they'll all go home grateful that you didn't do them in in high school. :)

Lois Winston said...

Love that idea, Rebecca!

Kelli Stanley said...

Lois, I'm sure you're the star of your class--not many people become published, successful authors. :)

Beats dancing with football captain any day!! ;)