Sunday, March 27, 2011

Two of Rickman's Biggest Fans!

One of the fun things about writing a character similar to yourself is that an author can add bits of his or her real life and personality into the manuscript. Take my character Odelia Grey, for instance.

Odelia is a middle-aged, overweight paralegal who specializes in corporate and business law. Hmm, who else do we know who fits that description?  Oh yeah … me! She dislikes okra. Same here. Loves most animals, especially cats. Yeppers to that, too. She adores Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Here I am, raising my hand high.

Whenever I’m asked what the differences are between us, the reply is easy. Odelia dresses better and swears less. Trust me on this. It’s true. And she’s married. Other than that, we’re pretty much cut from the same cloth.

Even when it comes to crushes, Odelia and I are on the same page. We both swoon over the actor Alan Rickman.  Rickman first came to my attention in the 1990 film Truly Madly Deeply, and even after all these years, he still tops my list of men I’d do in a hot minute.  Even after Odelia married Greg Stevens, she still had a thing for Rickman.

Her favorite movie featuring the British actor with the yummy voice is Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, in which he plays a very campy Sheriff of Nottingham. In Curse of the Holy Pail, the 2nd book in the Odelia Grey mystery series, she’s watching the movie on TV and shouts at the screen:  “Go ahead, Alan, cut out his heart with a spoon!” (BTW, this reference will make no sense unless you’ve seen the movie.)  But I assure you, Odelia never roots for Kevin Costner.

 And a little later in the book Odelia makes this observation when looking at a Zorro lunchbox she remembered as a kid:  “What can I say, Zorro and the Sheriff of Nottingham, I had a thing for men in knee high riding boots even then.”

I must, too, because I found him quite dashing in Sense and Sensibilities, another movie in which he wears riding boots pretty much all the time.

I’m sure if Odelia and I spent some time on the couch, we might get to the root of that predilection. 

Sue Ann Jaffarian
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Meredith Cole said...

I like Alan Rickman, too. He was the best thing about that version of Robin Hood, IMHO.

Ever tried okra sliced, breaded and deep fried? I think it's really yummy-but then I'll eat okra picked and steamed, too.

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

Meredith, the only way I'll eat okra is if it's buried in a really good gumbo. As for Robin Hood, Rickman stole every scene he had in that movie. It's the only reason I watch it.

Diana said...

One of the things I adore about Odelia is that she too has the hots for Alan Rickman. He's fabulous in everything, but I adored him in Die Hard.

Give okra another shot Sue Ann, its actually very yummy!!