Thursday, March 31, 2011

When reality mimics fiction ...

By Kelli

First, I apologize to loyal Criminal Minds readers for not posting earlier today. The problem is that I came home from Left Coast Crime to find that my house had been burgled and a lot of personal possessions have been stolen.

I'm in the process of fixing structural damage to the house, making it secure, cleaning up, taking inventory lists, working with the insurance company and police force, etc. etc. Thieves not only violate your life and steal your security and goods--they take your time and money after the crime has occurred.

So ... I've been replaying this week's question in my mind over and over. What if I'd been home? What if I could have caught them?

Here's what I know: I would not hesitate to use any weapon or object--a gun or knife or baseball bat or anything else handy--to defend my family. Intruders sacrifice the right to hesitancy when they break into a house. If I'd been home that night, I wouldn't have stopped swinging a bat until they were on the floor and incapacitated, were dead or had fled.

If the eternal question is "fight or flight", my response is almost always fight. By whatever means and however I can.

Thanks for reading Criminal Minds, and I hope you all stay safe out there ... and that the only crimes you encounter are fictional ones.


Meredith Cole said...

So sorry to hear about the break-in. What a horrible ordeal! I'm so glad you and your family are safe and sound.

Diana said...

Kelly - glad you were not home when they broke in... would rather know you are safe and sound!