Wednesday, May 18, 2011

To tell the truth

Whoever came up with this question is a brilliant and diabolical figure not to be trifled with. I submit my submissions:

1 - I have allowed the supplies in my refrigerator to get so low, that all I had to eat was instant bluberry muffin mix stirred into water. Which I subsisted on for three days.

2 -I once spent the night in jail for driving 117 MPH on my way to Lake Havasu for springbreak.

3 - I have slept overnight in the parking lot of the San Diego Zoo.

4 - Jeannie and I once engaged in an Author Smackdown - (Jeannie - you are not allowed to answer this one.)

5 - Shane and I once spilled beer on Lee Child and lived to tell about it. (Shane - no telling.)

6 - I once rode a bull for 3.1 seconds - never again.

7 - I have entered this country illegally by sneaking through a border fence.

8 - I've been from Phoenix, Arizona all the way to Tacoma, Philadelphia, Atlanta, LA.

9 - I think blogger is the smoothest, easiest to use program ever!! -okay scratch that, that's too easy. Everyone knows Blogger is the greatest.

9b - I will join the hair club for men if I start going bald.

10 - I was once a passenger on a 747 over the Atlantic when the one engine exploded like a Roman candle. We made a successful emergency landing.

As requested by our imperious leader - five truths - five lies.



Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

Okay, let's see if I can do better here than with Josh. Graham I pick 2, 3, 5, 6, 10 as being the truths.

Jeannie Holmes said...

No fair, Graham! I can't answer. :(

But I really hope number 1 is true. Simply because I don't want to be the only pathetic one in the bunch who's done something similar to this. lol

Graham Brown said...

I like your thinking Sue, but I'm not allowed to say right? Oh this is hard - like not being able to tell a secret.

Graham Brown said...

Jeannie - your allowed to guess at the others. Just not number 4. Number 1 - does have a very truthful ring to it though doesn't it?

Kelli Stanley said...

2, 3, 4, 6 and 7 I think are truthful, Graham ... so how far off base am I?

I think #1, btw, was banana nut, not blueberry. ;)

Michael Wiley said...

Okay: 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7 = true.

I just don't believe that anyone can subsist for three days on blueberry muffins. Bread and water, no problem. Shoe leather, at a stretch. But blueberry muffins?

Reece said...

I'll say the true ones are: 2, 4, 5, 6 and 10. And I'm not buying 8 (unless your true identity happens to be Steve Miller).

Gabi said...

Here's my guess at the truth:
1. Who hasn't?
4. Who won?
5. This is gimme. Hasn't Shane spilled beer on all his favorite authors? I think this is how he meets them and I've never thought it was an accident.
8. I don't have a sense of direction either. Where were you headed?
9b. I think this is a guy thing.

As for the fibs:
2. You were really going 120 and it was a weekend in the pokey.
3. Not the parking lot. The monkey cage.
6. The ones outside the grocery store don't count.
7. A good research moment does not a wise man make.
10. Because if this one is true why haven't we been hearing your tale of survival against all odds before happy hour?

Thanks for calling me diabolical, Graham. It leaves me in good company with this group.

Shane Gericke said...

Hey! Here I am smoking rope soaked in Windex and Marshmallow Fluff, trying to come up with a plot, and I read on the World's No. 1 Writers Blog that some diabolical dame aptly named Gabby and a devil dog named Graham are telling EVERYONE my career secret--spilling beer on famus riter guyz in order to meet them. Dangit!!

But at least I didn't enter this country illegally from Mexico. It was Toronto ...

Rebecca Cantrell said...

Frankly, Graham, they ALL seem true.

Like Jeannie, I hope #1 is true. Except in my case it would have been chocolate chip cookie dough.


# 5, of course, for all the reasons Gabi said.

#6 Because that explains why you always order hamburger.


How many did we each get right?

Graham Brown said...

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to say but Kelli you are 60% correct. 3 out of 5. Strangely enough Michael is also 60% correct.
Reece is only 2 for 5 - 40%.

Graham Brown said...

Gabi has two answers right - however she may have gotten others right by rearranging the question. Very tricky of you Ms.Gabi.

Graham Brown said...

Shane - sorry to spill you're secret. (umm - no pun intended.)

Graham Brown said...

Becky you crack me up - I couldn't figure out the hamburger refernce for a minute. Revenge is a dish best served with a Coke and fries ay?

Here's the truth.

1 - absolutely - in fact thingsa re heading that way again - if you see a guy buying 37 Lunchables and a five Gallon Drum of Coke at the store - its probably me.

2 - Nope - not true - but only because my car during college used to shake uncontrolably over the speed of 75.

3- Yes - parked in the shaky car ona college road trip. Couldn't find a hotel.

4- Of course - a WWF Historical moment. I can still remember Jeannie saying "Can you smell what the Rock is cooking!?"

5 - Apparently this is true, only I wasn't there.

6 - No way. Not even a mechanical one.

7 - Yep - snuck in from mexico after a cab driver who operated his winshield wipers with a string and pully contraption dropped us off a mile from the checkpoint. It was raining, we had mexican blankets over our heads and we had to go cross country. Turned out when we got to what we got to the border checkpoint we were already on the US side. It was a little hard to explain.

8 - everywhere but Tacoma -

9 - Mmm - probably try Rogaine first.

10 - Yes - absolutely true - I was 9 and thought is was really cool. I wasn't sure why everyone else was screaming.

Rebecca Cantrell said...

Thanks for coming clean, Graham! I only hope your example will inspire the other bloggers this week (*hint* Jeannie and Josh, I wanna know!).

You have to tell the airplane story at the next 7crims gin smoothie breakfast!

Jeannie Holmes said...

Yes, Graham and I had an author smackdown. There are even photos. And I was wearing fangs. *sigh* Good times...

Jeannie Holmes said...

Fine, Becky. I'll tell. :P