Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lies, lies, there all lies... except some of them

I liked Josh's take yesterday that because our characters are fictional there can be no truths about them... There's something cool in that - like the tree falling in the forest or something. On the other hand - I still have to write this blog, and there are truths about fiction, just as there are lies about facts.

For instance, fiction often shows us who we want to be and how we wish the best parts of us could shine forth despite our shortcomings - while real life is often a non-stop struggle to keep others from knowing who we actually are. In that sense, fiction is truth (a truer truth), and the real world is a lie (or at least mostly a facade). And I have got to stop drinking so much cough medicine.

In regards to the world of my characters, I will reference both Hawker and Danielle Laidlaw. Since no one can figure out who is actually the main character - note: there will be a CNN debate on this next week.

1 - Hawker's real name is Cosmo,
2 - Hawker was shot and pronounced dead once, only to appear three months later in Liberia,
3 - Hawker is a pilot, but that is just something he knows how to do, its not his main trade,
4 - While on the run from the CIA, Hawker once worked in the coffee fields,
5 - Hawker doesn't always drink beer, but when he does he prefers Dos XX's,
6 - Danielle is a tomboy who hates makeup, and dresses and sugar and spice, but looks good in all of those things,
7 - Danielle , an engenieer, was once engaged to a nuclear physicist, but they broke it off because there was no chemistry between them,
8 - Danielle lost her father at a young age, and somehow feels responsible,
9 - Danielle told a fellow operative to "Sit" and "Stay" when he became too rambunctious.
10 - Danielle once drove a Winnebago through a building to rescue a Chiwawa.

There you have them - 5 truths and 5 lies or maybe truths because I haven't closed out their back stories yet.


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