Saturday, September 24, 2011

Not Mr. Chip's List, I Dare Say

First of let me say happy eight annual National Punctuation Day. While I am something of an adherent to Elmore Leonard’s rules on writing – no semi colons or exclamation points in my novels as examples – when you’re done reading here and leaving a comment, hint, hint, do get your punctuation on in some manner as that would be a groove thing.

Now to the renaming of the classics, eh? Understand the list here may not be Mr. Chip’s list of classics, but the following books are classics nonetheless. Not all of these would be classified as mystery novels, but crimes to various degrees occur in all of them.

In no particular order:

1. The Big Revenge

2. The Wondrous Machines of Prince Dakkar

3. For You, Jack

4. The Murder House

5. Joppy’s Joint

6. The Best of All Possible Worlds

7. The Chauffer at the Door

8. The Three Lives of John Russell

9. Poisonville

10. The Disappearing Burglar

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