Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Toast to My Stock Characters at Bouchercon

The Stock Characters at Bouchercon

By Rebecca Cantrell

Everyone is going to Bouchercon this week but me. Not strictly speaking true, because there are a billion people in China who never even heard of Boucheron, plus nearly everyone I know who isn’t a writer or a mystery fan. But in spite of that, it feels like everyone is going but me.

So, I decided to talk about the things I’m missing in a non-sulky kind of way.
The stock characters I will miss at Bouchercon?

Readers! Those wonderful people who buy my books (hardcovers, even) and then spend hours of their lives reading them and then actually want to talk to me about them. I am humbled every single time. I will miss you most of all.

Writers! I love to get together with writers and talk about research and plot and the publishing industry and can you believe what they did with that cover and that panel will be terrific and I love your books and did you read that awful review of your book and do you think the publishing industry will collapse entirely before I finish the next book and the next round is on me. Writers, you are my tribe.

Friends! There is much overlap here, as most of the friends are writers and readers too. These are the people I often only get to see at conferences or when I’m on tour because most of my life I’m sitting in a lava tube on one of the most remote islands on Earth. But I miss them and I want to know about their children’s accomplishments and why they ever bought that hat and does this dress my make my butt look you know and congratulations on being nominated and the shrimp looks dodgy and yes, that new guy over there is kinda hot and you should go talk to him.

OK, I feel marginally better. All of you at Bouchercon, you know which categories you fit into, so just email me your responses to all those questions and I’ll feel caught up and reasonably happy as I teetotal and sit in my cave.

But I’ll still miss you.


Michael Wiley said...

We'll miss you, Rebecca. Bouchercon will have a hole in the middle of it.

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

I'm not going either, Rebecca. I'll be in my own little cave aiming for a deadline. We can sulk and miss our friends together.

Rebecca Cantrell said...

Thank you kindly, Michael! I will definitely be missing you all back.
The 7crims breakfast will definitely be a quieter affair without me giving Shane a hard time over his gin smoothie (Shane won't be there either).

Somehow, you'll have to make it without us. As, I'm very sure, you will!

Rebecca Cantrell said...

Sue Ann,

Perfect! We can alternate sulking and grouching with pensive silence and vague grumbles about publishing.

This could work.

Joshua Corin said...

Don't worry, Becky. I figured out a way to keep you involved in Bouchercon. I plan on charging Friday night's dinner to your credit card. You're welcome.

Rebecca Cantrell said...

I knew I could count on you, Josh! You can have anything you want from the McDonalds Dollar menu.

You're welcome!

Reece said...

I won't be at Bouchercon this year, either, Becky. But hearing you and Sue Ann commiserating about it makes me feel a little better. See you there next year!

Rebecca Cantrell said...

Hey, Reece! Sorry you can't go either!

Yes, commiseration is in order. And virtual toasts if not actual ones.

Maybe next year?

TracyK said...

I didn't realize that you're not going!! Dammit! That really stinks. You will be sorely missed!

Meredith Cole said...

I'm staying at home writing away this year too (sulk, sulk). We'll have to make sure we all go to the next one (San Francisco was such fun!)

MystiBerry said...

If my pictures from Noir at the Bar aren't tied up in blackmail schemes, I'll post 'em for you...

Panels and coffee and "how could that moron sleep through that alarm?" won't be the same without you!