Wednesday, January 25, 2012

To Play The Game

by Tracy Kiely

I have to admit that when I joined 7 Criminal Minds, I didn’t foresee the amount of online confessing I’d be engaging in, but since I’ve been here, I’ve publicly admitted to a certain fixation to Jane Austen, Eric Northman, peanut M&Ms, as well as a host of other odd quirks.

And now I see from this week’s topic that once again I must bravely stand before you and admit yet another obsession.

Of course, at first glance one might think that the topic of “What is you favorite game?” is a rather innocent, even mundane question.

I am here to tell you that it is not.

Now, I could tell you that I love Blink, Rat a Tat Cat, and the Pride and Prejudice Trivia Game, and while I would still be within the realm of truthfulness, it would not be the complete truth.

The complete truth is that my favorite game is Minesweeper. And the complete truth is that I am no longer allowed to play Minesweeper.

It started out innocently, as do most obsessions. I found the game one day on my computer at work. The object of the game – if you are not familiar with it – is to clear an abstract minefield without detonating a mine. To play, you must click on the squares to reveal what is underneath; either a number or a mine. If the square contains a mine, it explodes, and you lose. If a number is revealed, it indicates the number of adjacent squares (typically, out of the possible eight) that contain mines. By using logic – or dumb luck – the player can deduce which squares are mine-free and which are mine-filled.

Trust me, it’s waaaaay cooler than it sounds.

Anyway, I started to play a little during my lunch break. Then I began to play all through my lunch break. Then I played while on the phone. Then I played instead of doing any real work. I got my husband hooked as well. We’d call each other during the day and good naturedly compare our times. Then it wasn’t so good natured. Pretty soon my wrist started to ache, and I began to exhibit the early signs of carpel tunnel syndrome. But that was nothing compared to the dreams.

Almost nightly, I found myself running across a giant grid, hopping from square to square with sweat pouring down my back as I prayed that my next hop wouldn’t land me on a mine.

I knew I had to quit.

I eased myself off with a bit of Spider Solitaire and then just plain Solitaire. It took some time and yes, there were setbacks, but I have been Minesweeper free now for almost five years. To be honest, I don’t even think about it anymore. Mainly because I’ve been playing a new game – one that I’m happy to say is not addicting. You might have heard of it – it’s called Angry Birds.


Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

I hear ya, sister! I used to play Minesweeper all the time. Now when I'm on the phone or need a mindless, few minute break, it's Spider Solitaire. Oh... and Rainbow Yahtzee on my iPhone. I'm afraid to download Angry Birds. I have enough monkeys on my back without adding disgruntled fowl.

Rebecca Cantrell said...

I just played Minesweeper this morning. Just for a few minutes.

But the one I'm REALLY addicted to is Word Warp on my iphone. I probably should join a recovery group to deal with it.

Gabi said...

Angry Birds is non-addictive? Is that denial?