Friday, February 3, 2012

Becoming a classic (way too soon)

by Meredith Cole

I remember the moment when I first started listening to the radio. I think I was eight or nine, and I was doing chores in the kitchen. I see myself sweeping the floor with my parents' creaky radio on the counter. And, just like that, I started to understand the concept of "hits" and learned how to sing a few songs that were in heavy rotation. "Fire: I'm driving in your car", "You can ring my bell" and "Elvira" are the ones I still remember. Were the songs any good? Well, the Pointer Sisters still hold up for me, but the rest... Not so much.

Flash forward: last week I went to a concert at the Jefferson Theater. My neighbor Adam is in a Bluegrass band called "Love Canon." They play string band versions of hits from the 80's. They're all great musicians, and the show was a blast. But as I stood in the sea of people belting out the words to "867-5309 (Jenny I've Got Your Number)"--the song that forced so many to change their phone numbers--I realized most of the people singing along were probably born in 1982 or later. Songs from the 80's have all become (shudder) classics.

There are many things that I don't mind about not being twenty. But it's still a shock to realize that even the most wretched songs from my youth have somehow entered the musical canon. People have written thesis papers on Duran, Duran (you can check on Google if you don't believe me).  I have memories attached to some of these songs (not to mention that I know all the words to them), and they mark the triumphs and tragedies of my school years. And horrors of all horrors, these songs are now played heavily on classic rock stations.

Apparently there is nothing any of us can do except accept the inevitable. So I suggest you sit back and listen to Love Canon play "Working for the Weekend." Happy Friday everyone!


Rebecca Cantrell said...

I remember those songs, which makes me...mature? No, that can't be right. I got carded buying a video game just last week.

It's some kind of time folding thing, Meredith. I'm not sure how it works, but we're still 20. Trust me.

Thanks for a great trip down memory lane, where memory lane happened just yesterday...

Meredith Cole said...

Thanks for agreeing with me, Becky... Makes me feel better. The checkers at the grocery store always think it's funny when I'm happy to be carded!

Jaden Terrell said...

I know what you mean, Meredith. I got carded last week when my husband and I went out to dinner after my book launch. I was feeling really good about it until the waitress carded the woman at the next table--who was probably on the downhill side of seventy. Ah, well. It was sweet while it lasted.

But you and Rebecca ARE both 20, right?

Anonymous said...

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