Friday, March 2, 2012

Where? When? Why?

by Meredith Cole

So two weeks ago I did a bit of a disappearing act. It wasn't intentional, but I dropped off the planet. So where was I?

I wish I could say I was in Tuscany (although not on a cruise ship) or in Mexico lying on a beach. Or in any number of lovely and exciting places. But I wasn't. I was at home. Not that my home isn't lovely, but nowhere is lovely when you have the flu.

But something interesting happens to me when I get sick. I slow down. I let things slide. I read in bed. I call in sick to everything. And I sleep. I wish I could do some of these things when I'm well (I'd certainly enjoy them more!) but I suffer from an excess of responsibility, I'm afraid. So I only end up taking real breaks when I'm forced to.

And when I got well (although there were times I thought it would never happen), I really appreciated everything so much more. Food. Sunshine. My routine. I set to work spring cleaning. I finished my book and sent it to trusted readers. I started going to the gym again, and felt like I had truly rejoined the living.

I really don't recommend getting the flu to anyone. It's no fun at all. But I recommend taking an occasional break. Maybe you'll see the world in a whole new way when you get back to your routine. It worked for me.

And now--because it's Friday, and because I managed to catch this adorable kitten moment at my house, I'll share with you my epic video: Hewey versus the washing machine. Hopefully it'll give you the equivalent of a mini-break.


Michael Wiley said...

I hope that the flu will leave you alone from now on, Meredith (even if you could use the break). Glad to have you back.

Maureen Hayes said...


Learn from this experience not to wait for illness to allow yourself to do some of these things regularly. You are o worth it!

Meredith Cole said...

Thanks Michael and Maureen! Glad to be back.