Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Who can you trust?

This question is as basic as the the concept of conflict and probably intertwined with it somehow. They say if you don't have conflict you don't have a story. But since most stories -at least hero's journey type stories involve the building of a community by the hero - he or she must trust and be trusted by the end of the book.

So does that mean you need conflict for a story, you need trust for a journey and a satisfactory resolution? I think so.

In Star Wars Luke must first trust Obi Wan. Later at the penultimate moment of the story, the voice of Obi Wan tells him to "trust his feelings." Luke turns off the targeting computer. Trusts and succeeds.

In a somewhat less well known story called Black Rain - A mercenary named Hawker meets an agent of the NRI (National Research Institute) named Danielle Laidlaw and they are thrown into a situation where they obviously need each other.

They craft a deal. Danielle asks Hawker how she can trust him. Hawker replies, "you can't, but you can trust me to act in my own interest and you have something to offer me that no one else does. (Redemption and absolution from some alleged crimes)

Later in the book the deal is blown to smithereens because Danielle's boss sells them out to a competing party. But in a bid to survive Hawker and Danielle learn to trust each other without any crutches or constructions - this is real trust and it forms the beginning of what is hopefully becoming a beautiful relationship.

Conflict drives the story, Trust enables the resolution. JMHO


Gabi said...

I liked Black Rain too although I didn't see it so much as faith as necessity. Still, I'm not sure the resolution matters if there isn't someone you can rely on to be glad for you. Thought-provoking.

Anonymous said...

The "trust your feelings" at the end of Star Wars is all about Letting Go. See the superb hero's journey work at http://www.clickok.co.uk/index4.html