Sunday, April 22, 2012

DANGER Will Robinson!

Okay, gang. You’ve got me here. I can’t think of a single thing to write about this week’s question. I guess I can see the Beav going postal, or Anne Shirley opening a detective agency. Maybe Frank Hardy will turn into a serial killer and it will be up to Joe to track him down. It would be nice to see Nancy Drew devote all of that cleverness to evil. How about instead of that robot shouting, “Danger, Will Robinson,” he shouted “Danger Will Robinson!”

Hey, I like that. Imagine Will Robinson, child-prodigy (and don’t we all just love that) finally deciding that he really is so much smarter than his dad (It is, of course, understood in the series that he is way smarter than his mom and sisters cause they’re just girls, dontcha know) and deciding that it was time he got his due recognition.

I mean look at this face: doesn't it just scream EVIL!

Of course it’s a bit of a problem this being stuck on a planet somewhere – LOST IN SPACE – but maybe our Will can hitch a ride with a passing starship or freighter. Having abandoned bossy Mom, stupid sisters, sanctimonious Dad, and of course the evil Dr. Zachary Smith. Hum, didn’t Dr. Smith spend a lot of time in the company of Will Robinson? I wonder what lessons in evil he was imparting behind that paper mache rock. So, one day Will, who is of course super super-smart, manages to hitch a ride on a passing space ship. Being a developing serial killer and criminal mastermind, he decides to leave on his own, after telling his rather dim-witted mother that he’s off collecting rocks or something. He leaps about the passing space ship at the last minute, gasping out that all his family died in the initial crash. Only the ROBOT, who was, did you know, a Class M-3 Model B9, General Utility Non-Theorizing Environmental Control Robot, was fast enough to follow.

And thus, for the next sixty years Will Robinson wanders space wreaking death and destruction wherever he goes, followed only by a ROBOT shouting “Danger Will Robinson!”

 This off the cuff-plotting can be rather fun.

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