Monday, April 23, 2012

Gotta Have A Code

By Reece Hirsch

Which TV character’s loss do I mourn?    Well, there’s Jim Rockford, Tony Soprano, Vic Mackey and the entire cast of “Northern Exposure.”  But I have to say that I’m still mourning the loss of Omar Little of “The Wire,” as portrayed by the great Michael K. Williams.

And so, partially due to an unusually hectic week and partially from sheer laziness, I’m going to reprise this tribute to Omar in verse that I posted here at Criminal Minds in January 2011:

The Ballad of Omar Little

This is the story of the outlaw Omar Little
The man, the legend, the poet, the riddle
He made his living robbing crack dealers wealthy
With a crew that was tough, well-armed and stealthy

In court, a lawyer accused Omar of exploiting the culture of drugs
Saying that robbing dealers still made him one of the thugs
Omar replied, "I got the shotgun, you got the briefcase, but we're the same
Two different players, but it's all in the game"

Omar loved Brandon and he didn't care who knew
Their love was tested, and turns out it was true
Brandon was captured and tortured by Barksdale's crew
They wanted Omar's hideout but Brandon refused

Stringer Bell's boys struck back at Omar
Taking a shot at him outside church from afar
They blasted away, but Omar did not go down
The only casualty was his mama's Sunday crown

But fair is fair and right is right
And even a fool knows not to involve Omar's mama in such a fight
If you come at the king, you best not miss
So Stringer moved to the top of Omar's most-wanted list

In dapper Brother Mouzon Omar found an unlikely ally
Mouzon quickly concurred that Stringer must die
Omar pumped his sawed-off shotgun and Mouzon drew a bead
And when the smoke cleared, all Omar said was, "Indeed"

But you can't wage war with everyone
If you hope to live many days in the Baltimore Sun
Like so many gunslingers before him who achieved renown
A kid trying to make a name shot Omar Little down

Omar played the game hard, but he played by his rules
He never robbed civilians like those other fools
And so, to Omar I dedicate this ode
Because, in the end, yo, man gotta have a code


Joshua Corin said...

Poor Omar. He do what he do.

Bridget Delaney said...

I'm trying to get a good readership for my blog! Please read, comment, subscribe!

Reece said...

Indeed, Josh. Indeed.

Gabi said...

Another show I've never seen and I'm missing them.

Howard Sherman said...

Have hope! The Rockford Files is set for the big screen! Read all about it here (including the casting of Vince Vaughn!) -

Reece said...

Gabi -- I highly, highly recommend "The Wire." I think it's right up there with the best TV shows of all time.

Reece said...

Howard -- Thanks for stopping by, and for the news about the Rockford Files film. I'll reserve judgment on the Vince Vaughn casting, though. Anyone's going to come up short when compared to James Garner in that role.