Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Move over Proust – I’ve Got This

by Tracy Kiely

Are you a sociopath? Probably not. But then again, you might be. Two or more "yes" answers gets you there. Good luck.

  • Could you understand what the teacher was saying on Charlie Brown?
  • Does the Burger King "King" not creep the hell out of you?
  • Did you enjoy the novel Ethan Frome?
  • Did you root for the coyote?
  • To save time, do you take food out of other people’s shopping carts and then become genuinely irate when you don’t like what they’ve picked out?
  • Do you post updates of your life on Facebook every ten minutes with the honest assumption that someone actually cares? (“I’m having a SECOND cup of coffee!” “Time to take a run!” “Great workout today!”)
  • Do you have tiger blood flowing through your veins?
  • Did you laugh hysterically at the end of An Affair to Remember?
  • Have you considered a career in telemarketing?
  • Did you name your dog Old Yeller?

Email your answers to Charlie Sheen at


Anonymous said...

Of course I rooted for the coyote. He was a tenacious super genius whose well-thought-out plans were continually undermined by the defective products of the Acme company. Poor coyote.

TracyK said...

True.So true. As such, you might appreciate this

Gabi said...

I'm going to try that shopping cart thing. And Wile E is my "guy."