Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Bookshelf


If only my bookshelf was a bookshelf - that would be so much more orderly.  Instead my bookshelf is a desk and a vacant chair - that if you want to sit in you will have to lift a dozen tomes off of and a box that I never unpacked after moving because well, I'm sure I'll move again someday so I'm just being efficient. 

But considering these are my bookshelves I would say all the usual suspects are there and accounted for.  I have best sellers from Dan Brown and John Grisham.  I have old favorites like The Lord of the Rings.  I have Crichton and Cussler and Rollins and Berry and Stanley and books from many of the people who have been part of this blog over the years, including Stanley and Cantrell.  But instead of discussing them I'll talk about a few unpublished authors I have on my shelves - or should I say self published.

The first is a book I want to talk about is called Beethovan's Tenth Symphony.

I found it fascinating, partially because I was working Beethoven into a project I'm currently still working on and partially because the author Dr. Erik Ericson was so excited to tell me about it.  It's a spiritual story about faith and belief and the journey it takes to find those things within yourself.  It's also a mystery that begins with a man completing Beethoven's unfinished tenth symphony.

You can get it on Amazon and read about the author here: