Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Love Child of the Protagonists

The thing about this concept is its not as much who this person would be but how would they come into being.  The protagonists of my novels - Danielle Laidlaw and Hawker (the mercenary) would have to find a time to get together.  That's pretty hard to do when your saving the world in every book. 

And assuming they did get together there's the matter of naming the or child.  You see Hawker doesn't have a last name.  He actually doesn't even have a first name that anyone knows about because its been blacked out by the CIA - in fact they even rounded up every copy of his high school year book and took the black marker to the name under his photo.  (It's also rumored that they drew mustaches on several of the female teachers and a few of the males but we can neither confirm or deny this - nor can we confirm or deny that these particular teachers didn't have facial hair to begin with.)

But assuming they get together and assuming they have a kid - now they have to pick a name - perhaps they could call him "Kid"  - lots of successful people in history had that name - The Cisco, The Sundance, Captain ( Although he spelled it with two "d"s)

So now the question is where does he go to school - the problem with being a world traveling super-agent is that the best preschools don't take kindly to you always pulling the kid out when you have to run off and fight the villains.  So he or she will have to be home schooled - Danille can teach him about tapping into computers and driving offensively, Hawker can teach him about shooting guns and blowing things up and flying helicopters.  Hmmm.... That sounds like a lot more fun than my schooling.

And from there its pretty much the usual.  Same old , same old.  Unleast until he or she wants to borrow the car.   "Honey did you teach "Kid" how to use the missiles and deactivate the ejection seat..."   I can hear it now.

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