Monday, July 15, 2013

Solving My Murder

By Reece Hirsch

If I were murdered, I wouldn't just want a single great detective on the case, I'd want a whole team of them.  My blood will be avenged, etc.  I'm thinking of a Dream Team of detectives, sort of like the Avengers, in order to make use of the particular talents of each detective.  Here's my starting five:

1.  Dave Robicheaux:  My wife has family in New Iberia, so I'm hoping that would provide an added incentive for Robicheaux.  If he didn't solve my murder, he'd be getting the stink eye from my relations in perpetuity.

2.  Kurt Wallender:  If I'm going to be dead, I want someone to be depressed as hell about it, and no one gets more depressed about his cases than Wallander.

3.  Sam Spade:  In the course of the investigation, there may be minor thugs and gunsels who need to be slapped around.  No one slaps around smart-mouthed punks like Spade.

4.  Jack Reacher:  Because, at some point, there will be ass that needs to be kicked, and no one does it better.

5.  Jimmy McNulty (of The Wire):  McNulty is on the case for his dogged determination and his ability to illicitly commandeer department resources for an investigation.  He can't be the primary on my case because he's always on the outs with his bosses.


Robin Spano said...

Great selection. Especially McNulty!

Reece said...

Thanks, Robin! If I'd gone for six, I might have added McNulty's partner Bunk Moreland.