Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Revenge is a Dish...

My Revenge

By Vicki Delany

Do you ever take out real life rage on fictional murder victims? Are any of your victims based on people who pissed you off in real life?
Oh, yes. I got my own back. Not by creating a victim but a criminal I wanted to bring down.

Way back in 2006, I needed a new bike.  I’d been riding an old garage-sale clunker for years, and I finally decided I’d get a nice new one.   Which I did.

That was around the time I was starting the Constable Molly Smith series. I had a good idea for the main plot of the book, a cast of characters, the location I wanted.  And so I began writing IN THE SHADOW OF THE GLACIER.

Two weeks after purchasing my new bike, it was stolen, from the commuter train station. I got off the train to find, where my bike should be, only a broken lock and chain.

I was, should I say, not pleased.  I decided just about immediately that I had to get revenge somehow.

And so I wrote a sub-plot about a series of bike thefts into the book. Because it had to be something personal, I made my young cop, Molly Smith, a cyclist.  Whose bike is stolen.

You can be sure that the bike thief comes to a very nasty end.

Revenge can be sweet, can’t it?

Here’s the cover for IN THE SHADOW OF THE GLACIER. Note the bike...



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Gram said...

Wonderful - not the thievery, the revenge!