Friday, November 8, 2013

Bad Habits - Enough to Go Around

by Sue Ann Jaffarian

Do my protagonists share my bad habits?  Um, depends on which protagonist you're talking about.

Emma Whitecastle of my Ghost of Granny Apples series is tall, thin and blond with wall-to-wall common sense, money and beauty.  When stressed, she exercises. It's her unflawed character and person that makes her flawed. Who in the hell is that nice and gorgeous in real life? But, yeah, I'll take that.

Then there's Granny Apples herself, a cranky outspoken ghost with a thin skin and an obsession with TV, particularly old crime shows. Ghost or not, now we're getting somewhere.

Then there is Odelia Grey, the star of my Odelia Grey mystery series. She's middle-aged, plus size, quirky, snarky and works as a paralegal.

DING. DING. DING. We have a winner.

If there is one glaring bad habit among the many Odelia and I share it's being an emotional eater.  When she's upset, she buries herself in Ben and Jerry's, Thin Mints and cheesecake.  I bury mine in Ben and Jerry's, chocolate filled Oreos and take-out. We're both worry-warts, given to going with our guts even when our guts are calling for Pepto-Bismol and not giving us guidance. And we both regularly make stupid personal decisions. And neither of us can balance a check book worth spit.

Yep, Odelia Grey. She's my gal and I love her for it and in spite of it.

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Susan C Shea said...

Oh well, if I'd known we were talking about big issues like Oreos and balancing checkbooks, I might have had more to add to my own list on Monday. Except that I don't like Oreos. I'm a sucker for ice cream...really good ice, creamy ice cream...

Good post as usual!