Monday, April 28, 2014

Dreams of Immortality

When you have a book published, maybe several, what are your thoughts, for the future? Is the book something you hope will be found and read, in 50 years? Or do you know, going in, that you may become out of print, a thing of history...or forgotten? What is your hope?

by Meredith Cole

Does any writer hope to have their books languish, forgotten and dusty, on the book shelves of the future? Don't we all want to be remembered? We know we can't all be classics, those rare books that "transcend" genre and time, and enter the summer reading lists of rising juniors for years to come... But I'm sure we would all hate to imagine ourselves as one of those writers, despite being on a bestseller list and winning awards, are considered years later to be old fashioned and are eventually recycled by libraries for lack of interest.

I start a book, not hoping for immortality, but hoping to communicate what I want to say. There's a story burning inside of me and I want to get it down on paper. My first hope is to get it finished (which is not easy) and have it read by others. I can't control what people will say about it or think about it now or in future centuries--I can only polish it up and make it as good as I can.

As with any new technology, I've heard great fear and hope expressed about ebooks. But maybe there will be no need for anything to ever go out of print if there's room for all of us in the vast Internet library in the sky. We can all be rediscovered in the years to come and have that magical moment where a reader is once again sucked into our story and is left wanting more. And that, I admit, is great to imagine.


Paul D. Marks said...

Meredith, I think you make a really good point that with the internet there's no reason for any book to go out of print anymore. And so it's very possible that at some future time your book/our books will be discovered and rediscovered. Which is a nice thought, except for them finding that typo on page 140 that we missed over and over again :)

Meredith Cole said...

Our typos will live long after we're gone, I'm afraid! Although perhaps someone will be able to fix them for us someday in the future...