Thursday, August 21, 2014

Give Me a Hand, Will Ya?

by Alan

Why do you think the crime writing community is so mutually supportive?

First, let me address the assertion that the crime writing community is supportive.

Yes, yes, yes it is! The vast (vast!) majority of crime writers I’ve met have been generous with their time and advice, friendly, approachable, helpful, and supportive. They seem to operate under the credo, “If one succeeds, we all succeed.” Or “A rising tide raises all boats.” Or maybe “Mystery loves company.”

It’s a wonderful group, and I’m lucky to be a part of it.

Of course, there are many practical reasons why we (crime writers) need to be nice to each other:

    • We know dozens of ways to kill people without leaving any clues.
    • You might have to rely on a fellow writer as a character witness during your murder trial.
    • You never know when you’ll need someone to back you up with a rock-solid alibi.
    • You never know who you might need to drive the getaway car. Or who you’ll have to persuade to come out on a dark and stormy night, with a shovel, and help bury the bodies.

To be fair (at least in my experience), I have to say that most writers I’ve met, regardless of genre, have been very supportive. I guess it’s because we all struggle with that blinking cursor and the never-ending self-doubts about our work.


Meredith Cole said...

Thanks again for being my alibi, Alan. I really appreciate it. But I thought we agreed not to talk about the night the criminal minds had to... um... bury something... Oh, is this mic on?

Susan C Shea said...

LOL! Hadn't thought of that, but of course you're right. On some subconscious level I know I need to make nice with you ...Nice Alan, good Alan...!

RJ Harlick said...

Aaah, must've happened before I joined the blog. But it's nice to know when I'm in need of help in dealing with the next body I can rely on you guys. Thanks.

Susan O'Brien said...

You're one of the especially supportive ones, Alan. I agree that mystery writers (and writers in general) are a great group!