Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ready, Set, Write....

by Clare O'Donohue

Q: Do you need something to get you in the mood to write?

Deadlines help. But if none is looming, then.... well, actually no. If I, or anyone, waited until we wanted to write, I'd have about 30 pages of m first novel and little else.

I think of writing like exercise. The hardest part is getting started. But once you do, it (hopefully) gets easier and maybe even fun.

However, if I'm looking to make a ritual out of it. I go for these three things:

1) A quiet place where I'm alone. It isn't necessary for me to be alone to write, but I prefer it. I make faces and talk the dialog out sometimes. I don't listen to music or have the TV on. I prefer just the sounds of the characters in my head.

2) Tea and a snack, preferably chocolate. Rewards are good.

3) A pad of paper and pen. I write on my laptop but sometimes I want to scribble a note to remind myself that I've just written something I'll need to explain later. I could open another document on my computer for that but I prefer writing it down. Opening more documents would interrupt my flow.

That's it.


Lori Rader-Day said...


Meredith Cole said...

Chocolate is always good, Clare!

Clare O'Donohue said...

There's something about tea and murder.... it's just the right beverage for the job. And chocolate is right for pretty much anything... except maybe burglary. I'm thinking chocolate stained fingerprints....

So the lesson is, do the crime and save the chocolate for later.