Friday, November 28, 2014

Giving Thanks....

By Art Taylor

On this day after Thanksgiving, I'm giving thanks that I haven't
  • let jealousy and insecurity about my manhood drive me to murder.
  • taken glee in lording an act of adultery over a cuckolded husband.
  • chosen duty over friendship and in the process taken the life of my oldest friend.
  • allowed revenge to consume my life and drive me into eye-for-a-eye thinking.
  • lost everything that was important to me because I was too proud to admit my mistakes.
  • taken advantage of a relative's disability to entrap him.
  • been so certain of my own values that I punish anyone who disagrees with me. 
In short, to answer this week's question—"Do you reveal your values through your characters?": No. (And that's just four recent stories that popped to mind!)

And on that note, a Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all!

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Susan C Shea said...

Hahaha - didn't see this until today because the weekend was so crazy, but I love it!